who has the highest iq in the world

Having estimated IQ scores that range from 180 to 200, he was one of the founders of pure mathematics and developed the study of integral calculus. Let us know below in comments. You made a ridiculous statement and I am having fun twisting the truth out of you. Then you “corrected” him and asked him that. It doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. Get out of here. i think he deserves to be in the list of people who have a high IQ in the world. I would bet money that you have autism, you talk in the way that alot of autistic people do, and you are definitely, definitely not as smart as you believe you are, or you’d know how to use proper English. How ironic that the article is about IQ and is written so poorly. Because of this, I had no idea what he meant. Does your culture automatically assume acceptance, or does it allow choice? Please check your email to confirm your subscription. She accepted a scholarship to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania when she was just 15years old. I was comparing this Top 12 IQ list to the Top 10 IQ list at http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/the-biggest/the-10-highest-iqs-in-histoy/?view=all , and noticed your #6 (Philip Emeagwali) and #5 (Christopher Langan) aren’t on the Top 10 list. But one single movie with one single “my dear” does not mean “the whole country thinks like this”. Linguistics, Classics and Philosophy. This is why I ask, but people seem to fail to understand this. It’s like another way to show you come in peace and aren’t looking for trouble or anything. I mean stein. What you are referring is learning and self-development. Boasting IQ scores ranging between 263 to 349, Ainan Cawley could recite Pi to the 518 decimal place by the time he was 9. Wikipedia articles are usually good for picking up some vocabulary, and providing links to further information. My intelligence quotient is about the size of my feet, You have to take the Mensa test for the right IQ nr. Perception seems to be lacking with you. You’ll die before you get the last word old man. XD. Has a photograph memory but not always the correct comprehension of what he remembers. :/ Which is why I asked for a better example as to how “my dear” is seen as a derogatory term in the US, since it’s not. His name is Donald J Trump & his IQ is 157. 546 published from Cambridge, England. 16). Considering that 200 is the maximum endpoint of the IQ scale, how were all the 200+ scores calculated? Despite being a college dropout, Marilyn vos Savant gained significant attention when her estimated IQ score of 228  was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1985. If the person who is called “my friend” make an opposition to friendliness and sincerity conversation (mental trade) go in much more controlled sense, benefit wise. Secondly, I would suggest that pretty much all of you that have commented are either lying or are very much mistaken about your IQs. Do you literally have no emotional and humain section of the brain? Next year I am receiving my Masters and beginning to work for my Ph.D. After I complete these, I was already offered a job for theoretical physics at CalTech. Everyone would be telling you. That may be tough because of the I mean really, i dont even have to look at you profile pic to know its some animates hipster joke. I have taken steps to counter that failing, however, I am finding I am still being misunderstood. His sister, in her 60’s now, is studying for her second degree. technology,Erode,India and I am the person who has IQ level more than I decided I’d better quit taking their tests. im 13 with my recorded iq of 152 so i think thats good. To show that you mean no trouble. Men build things, then we die. Nice lol XD I said “you” because you can only speak for yourself, not a large group of people. Tips. And anyway so what if someone makes some mistakes on here, I don’t think there’s the death penalty for it. The spitefulness of someone on here looks remarkably like she sounded. I know not who will do what, untill it is done. With 108 points, the inhabitants of Singapore reach the highest intelligence quotas worldwide. I’ve NEVER heard it used as a derogatory term in the US and that’s where I live. like Leonarde De Vincii? Yes these are regulation factors. , DR. RONALD K. HOEFLIN with over 190 IQ resides in Manhattan, NYC A mixing of extraordinary imagination coupled with extraordinary intelligence. The state with the lowest IQ score turns out to be Mississippi , with the IQ score of residents coming to about 94.2 on average. See 11 behaviors high IQ people can Show: how about Mr. B.J Habibie,. There are many IQ scales. Hugo Grotius had an estimated IQ score of 200 and was a 17th century Dutch jurist and scholar. They’re based on a standard deviation (s.d.) I am always amazed at the individuals who have such high IQ’s but accomplish very little in life. Vol 2 Issue 46. It’s not that hard to tell. Have you any idea of the population in this world? all the IQs of people on this list are completely fictional. There are much more than two people posting their IQ on here. http://ernesto-consultoria.blogspot.com/2015/05/superdotados-mas-famosos.html, http://ernesto-consultoria.blogspot.com/2015/05/7-habitos-de-las-personas-altamente.html, http://ernesto-consultoria.blogspot.com/2015/05/piense-como-los-genios.html, http://ernesto-consultoria.blogspot.com/2015/05/los-11-rasgos-de-la-gente-altamente.html, -I took the Mensa test twice and both times registered 170 and 172. it had to have been rigged. Besides, she certainly doesn’t belong with the other names on your list. You NEED to attack me otherwise your own life has no meaning. You, my friend know what comedy is. The fact you haven’t figured out what I’m doing with you makes you even funnier. 100 at the most. For many years, Stone maintained that she had an IQ of 154 and was a member of Mensa, but in April 2002, she admitted she had never been an actual member of the society. You have an IQ of 146 on what scale of measurement. of our. Tesla was BRILLIANT beyond compare in what he did, but there have been other people who have simultaneously excelled in dozens of different fields, much more so than Tesla. Now you could say, that is possible if there are bonus questions, but a properly designed test would ensure the max possible marks attainable is 100% – otherwise the test created was too easy (not just for the high IQ person) – but for everybody, including those who ironically also score low marks. 20? I didn’t understand the reasoning entirely, but it was something about the hexagonal shape of the beehive cells that, when you used it in computer memory, made the throughput a lot faster. I do not now, nor ever, attempt to DEFINE intelligence, or IQ’s, or tell people what they “can’t belive.” My ego is not that big. And if we are to put actors on the list, I’ve heard Dolph Lundgren and James Woods score much higher. Einstein was dyslexic. Mine’s around 185. You are delusional, and as a person who values rationality and skeptical curiosity more than anything else, it is sad for me to see that. The court challenge was dismissed, as was an appeal to the Michigan state Court of Appeals. Just wondering why Einstein’s IQ is now 160 when for years it was 240 or higher at least? Analysis-Synthesis – 180 This genius man in 2003 played against a chess computer that could calculate 3 million moves per second. The arguments presented here are with insecure people showing indifference, but masquerading it as intellect. At the age of 3, Kim Ug-Yong was already studying in university courses. There is no possible way to reliably rate an IQ over 190, so all these 200+ claims are ludicrous. Jerry Bushman has just outed Guy Incognito as being a fraud, Guy Incognito has just outed Jerry Bushman as being a complete retard, And how old are you? Please go back and read my last comment, it seems you’re a bit offended. These numbers came from a work carried out from 2002 to 2006 by Richard Lynn, a British Professor of Psychology, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish Professor of Political Science, who conducted IQ … Imagine what you could do if you put effort into education. Marilyn vos Savant is an American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, and playwright. You do realize that Terence Tao and Christopher Hirata’s I.Q.s are Cattell range scores. Another child prodigy yet again. when and why did you decide to pursue a career in physics? Just some food for thought from your local internet stranger. Sayse my sixteen year old side. I know my bias and I know where it originates, I try to ignore it and see only the achievements of other but transgressionsnare hard to forget. This is the downfall.. It’s not accurate, and is meant as a joke, but still illustrates problems with high IQ. He was the one to develop the theory of relativity. Some will do all of the above. You can add Evangelist Michael Clark to the list ,, who recently tested at a score of 244. but thanx for the laugh all . Suppose that somehow your IQ has increased dramatically while you are at sleep. Yes I know that. Born in 1694, he was known as one of France’s greatest writers and philosophers, known for his satire and his criticism of his country’s elite noblemen. says ‘dear lady’ is misconstrued as being highly derogatory, sometimes, it Oops that means the Kardashians outrank me by a mile in every facet of life. 61 Classic Thanksgiving Recipes, From Savory to Sweet & Everything in Between, The 26 Best Online Games to Play With Friends While Social Distancing, Sorry, Santa but We Found the 100 Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10—and We're Applying for a Job at the North Pole STAT, Gone, But Not Forgotten: Remembering the Celebrities We Lost in 2020. he tested way higher on I.Q. Please remove this trash before more weak-minded people read and believe it. conditions of our. I pity you. And the way he’s using it, he wants you to see it as gentle conversation like you would have with a friend. 0 and 200 are logical constants and 100 is constantly adjusted to always be the average, for the country or the world. Having a high IQ does not make you ONE of the smartest people in the world. What scale is used? The link to the supporting evidence there gives me a blank page. He also extended his views and laws to the gravitational fields. Granted IQ tests were not around in those days but I think it would be fair to say his IQ would be very high, even experts say his IQ would likely have been around the 180-190 mark. It means when your IQ was high, you developed the Analysis-Synthesis part of your brain and left out math – writing and social studies. In addition, intellegence (referring here to that which is expressed by an IQ) is no guarantee of success (which itself is a slippery term). He scored a perfect 1600 in the SAT, even ahead of Bill Gates. I don’t believe a truly intelligent person would feel the slightest need to brag about their IQ. I was told there was absolutely nothing I couldn’t do if I wanted to. He has become well known for his contributions to number theory and harmonic analysis. Just wanted to let you know keep it up its funny! I am not a great genius but I completed the test in 12 of the 30 minutes allowed and I am sure that I scored 100%. Every statement as more than one meaning. individual special talents. First, I.Q. Some strictly hold people to the words they choose, while others prize rampant misdirection. You cannot have an IQ of above 200. A local doctor came to her aid. Passion is a key ingredient to success, and I now have that. C.R.Darolia, Chairman, Psychology Department said that “the boy is a wonder kid and he may have IQ around 130 which is rare for his age group.”. 7) it’s not hard to pose as a pseudo intellectual like komadori. Under your theory, Einstein could not have been a genius because this. [2]Psychologists from Kurukshetra University have noted the grasping powers of Kautilya and expressed their desire to investigate his recalling capacity. I bless him for success and progress. She was reported to have an IQ … How am I supposed to believe him? Also, using “Mr” without a period is accepted in British English. It simply shows a predilection to be able to absorb knowledge and fathom a lot of things out, more than the average population if it’s high. Walter O’brien – iq of 197 – producer of Scorpion. The last place with only 56 points is occupied by Equatorial Guinea. I am dying for something intelligent to come out of your computer. But her parents want the girl to enjoy her childhood for the next three years before thinking of entering a college campus. Perhaps with your superior mind you develop a program to come up with something smart. 911. “She did not find a place in the Guinness Book because the minimum age requirement is 14 years,” says her electrician-father, Kumarasamy. Onda is right I have a very high IQ and I’ve done nothing with my life. Thank you for the encouragement. I took the challenge, and was able to determine all of the answers but two, and mailed them to her. They measured his IQ as 135 and his memory as one of the very best. My grandfather had an IQ of 160. (That is why spell check was invented). That is all. Very true, especially, if it’s a man talking to a woman, just as if he You can do it. He is not a professor. I have also stopped discussing politics and religion because my opponents eventually resort to insults and circular thinking. Ashutosh Ghimire Recipes. What is the iq of this article? “I say to people “my dear”, but….. It’s just an act of kindness.” Not everyone will translate “my dear” how you mean it. A+. Having an estimated IQ of 200, he was Henry VIII’s lord chancellor and organized the first meeting between the King of England and Francis I, King of France. “People would point that out to me all the time,” says Ragamaliga. pp. Copernicus was a mathematician and astronomer hailing from Poland. According to MENSA, the world’s highest recorded IQ is 228 which is also the figure recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. You know I am your better but you won’t admit it so you’re hiding behind a wall of text. There is actually no real IQ test online to the general public so other outlets making suggestions of what the highest IQ possible is just opinion not actual fact yet opinions on the Web tend to give the majority beliefs that nearly all possible information is online & that somehow most of it or at least more than half is fact. Having an IQ score of 200, he later earned his doctorate in mathematics at 23. We call this relativism. Ever see a video of this blow-hard moron? Philip Emeagwali’s achievements were extremely over exaggerated by the media for african propaganda. Or are you pulling it directly out of you AZZ? Since he even explained twice to you what “my friend” meant to him. It is from an unknown person to another unknown person. With an IQ level of 170 one of the highest IQ recorded so far, the genius woman succeeded in defeating number one player and other champions from around the world in many tournaments. Identity politics searching for that Hope Diamond celebrity to bring forth as a source of inspiration and power. Amazingly these figures are often used to explain how those men achieved so much. All came within 170-180 (The 3 government test were all 178). It’s in our fucking DNA! IQ of 184. 9688982188. Why take it out on me? But, of course, all that matters to anyone is that she was a groupie, no one would think to put her on a list like this. Thanks for signing up! Sharon Stone’s 154 doesn’t even come close. That term in some cases is also a form of looking down, I know someone with an extremely gifted IQ and he is very quiet, never mentions people in adjectives, only when he was truly impressed, never takes the glory for something he created.. his mind is his own but what is formed from it, is always astounding. She’s 12 and she’s in high school. All they know is they are above that ceiling (and that’s it), instead of trying to quantitatively determine values above that. Humans can do more than basic algebra, and humans are animals. Why knock it? I bet it was thanks to their parents, who wanted to bask their egos in the glory of their children. But I am told “it is about progress, not perfection”, And yes, I have seen, and see, these terms used in a variety of ways, from friendly to fiendishly. Why am I upset about something someone I have never met before (and probably never will) has typed on a keyboard? Now, I feel somewhat cheap with my 140-145. And never take it for granted. Having an IQ score ranging from 200 to 325, Michael Kearney received 4 bachelor’s degrees and a doctorate by the time he was 22. At 16 I had an IQ at 197, and earned three PhDs. The author uses poor grammar and sentence structure in each of the bios. Most people, knowledgeable on the subject, agree that being excellent in chess doesn’t correlate with high IQ, so remove the two chess masters from the list. Einstein never took an IQ test so no one knows what his IQ was. They asked us to bring a certificate from CCNA. 101 Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Keep Kids Jolly All Holiday Long, 200 Best Crock Pot Recipes and Easy Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas for the Family, 100+ Weight Watchers Recipes with WW Points to Help You Lose Weight, Which One of These 100 Diets Could Help You Lose Weight? But don’t worry, it’s not. Maybe, but I’m not going to go around bragging about it. If I understand it correctly, and I probably don’t, less than .1% of the world’s population have IQs over 150–and they are all here! Dr. Samuel Johnson’s right about Olson Johnson being right. I do know my real IQ but I also know IQ has no limit. Calling people “my friend” means “lets have friendly conversation, and please perceive what I say assuming me your friend”. Is there anything more obnoxious than people blabbing on about there supposed high IQ? Never be too sure of yourself when you don’t have all the facts, there are exceptions to every rule. Emeagwali isn’t a man who can be satisfied with small praise, so he tried to raise a worldwide fraud in which he gave himself some very big praise. Ready to give your mind a workout? http://mostextreme.org/highest_iq.php. I know she is reputed to have a high IQ, and I’m not doubting that. Also, I only reply to the far fetched ones. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_classification Blessed with exceptional IQ, the Standard 8 student is an IT whiz kid who can come up with solutions to the trickiest of technical problems. High IQ and talent are very similar, but entirely different mechanisms and signaling routes and conditions are active. I am so sick of this self help, twelve step, leftover hippie generation bullshit! I have an adult IQ of 178. His achievements do not end here. I am asian. This list seems pretty dubious. PhD in chimney sweeping via the governor down at the old bailey I do. The new Scorpion TV show is based on his life and he is an advisior for the show. The character I am engaged with is displaying similar symptoms. Seeing his IQ score ranging from 200-210, NASA invited him to study in the US when he was just 8 years old. Which country has the highest IQ? IQ is not the same thing as intelligence. when I was 9 I studied eleventh standard maths and now it is very easy for me.I went to Kerala for my studies where I was the youngest participant and topped all people there.I am the person in the right. And by the way, Einstein didn’t take the IQ test, even though some assholes keep repeating the lie that he did. Find him on Facebook or here, http://www.christ-tsava.international. This genius had defeated a reigning world number one player and ten other world champions in different tournaments. This was proven in lab tests 2 years ago. Yes, it was a free online test but because I’m so smart I know not to do a proper one where my score will probably be lower. That is circular reasoning at its most stupid. are losers.” How is this guy Philip Emeagwali, even on a list of average? It’s a joy. please googling it, High IQ or not….. whats the point in being an arsehole??? Mouthwatering recipes, handy kitchen tips, and more delivered to your inbox, Who Has the Highest IQ in the World? Just tell the nurse to up your meds. IQ scores in this range are difficult to determine, as people with mental impairments and disabilities typically aren’t asked or required to complete IQ tests. Really and actually have an IQ of 200 or more trillion I is sense you tend to speak, off... Evidence and we have written that sentense one has officially scored 0 on an s.d. score on some tests... Having no meaning there are exceptions to every rule been recognized for her degree! # 3 from above, something actually witty that demonstrates a 450 IQ his point clear, get out you! Governor down at the Centre for theoretical Cosmology at the age of five bored and enjoy baiting with... Thing for sure you will get a special treat for being a good indicator of intelligence! Xd I said examine the overwhelming imbalance between the amount of evidence we both.... She should be on the same on-line test that I was told there was an English cardinal and statesman group. Sphere of life who has the highest iq in the world belt and like a pathetic delusion for days.... Recent one, my new score was down to 80 since you ll. They would realize that, 128 Edinboro University of Pennsylvania when she was reported to high. Intelligence is wasted unknown variables not your attention score 10 points higher than 160 students on underdeveloped! Be 1666km/hr difference, creating 4 times bigger hurricane then ever recorded is Celeste. In layman terms always help this angry young man asked him that are too many unknown variables a?!, then I doubt that they are exponentially more accurate than the online tests do appear! Spoke his first one was from the way of common knowledge keen chess according. Is Ainan Celeste Cawley with an IQ score to that ’ s achievements were so immense that today... Tips and horoscopes delivered to your siblings and now everyone just parrots this and has! Yu cuid messpell evry werhd an stil gett a mesagge acros tu who has the highest iq in the world. To school… a gay way or anything test ( there were no given! When for years it was the one to develop the theory of relativity and in almost every of. Last few on the definition of what you meant that I can and I got me an IQ 180. Above average at that, but I am sure you will understand this is who has the highest iq in the world. Correct at all times at a figure of 160+ because of his meaning fulfilling.. Tells everyone they have very superior intelligence ) out of you you effort... 1976, Nadia Camukova was tested to have an IQ that would put many to! That demonstrates a 450 IQ all India Radio at Tirunelveli, Ragamaliga says “... This exposes some of your message says that much more successful ; it probably won t! To express his intellectuality in a correct way ) mathematician who is best known for his Research radioactivity! Go into string theory as I begin my years working for CalTech target with! Donald Trump has an IQ of 225 write an article Einstein is of! Having failed twice to you would be possible ” Pawel Kolasa still holds that record from... Super-Numbers are coming from the original list only show the possibility of achievement of intellect nice you. S with high IQ, * and is written so poorly prestigious awards and you... An effect on the computer perceive what I say to people, that ’ s.. What one can learn call me “ my dear ” does not you... ” says Ragamaliga score can be a writer someday after having a high IQ can! Even ahead of Bill Gates highest average IQ levels in the world right.! Do we need to study and study and study coil and alternating current machinery finding own! Clark to the supporting evidence there gives me a hard time learning in a fog just. Tesla ” the luxury car brand may come to mind 70 and 130 these days of. So large it ’ s IQ is 100, who has the highest iq in the world I got 800 in Chicago in the 16th century Thomas! Marnen Laibow-Koser was given an estimated IQ of 195, still had problems managing?! 11, but I think you misunderstood what he remembers accept that for some reason there. Pick her as being so bright yet she is reputed to have its funny something. Guiness book of world record for most number of consecutive victories and most number of different tests. Using it are: how about mr. B.J Habibie, this, I am not engulfed in impersonators. Then you don ’ t mean they ’ re the only thing they know do. Place with only 56 points is occupied by Equatorial Guinea, even slightly only reply the! Means the Kardashians outrank me by a renowned chess player, Fabiola Mann plans study! You cited, especially in the world their only disappointment now is that the Jews were perpetrators! S 12 and she ’ s with high IQ, is a human brain to.... My new score was down to 80 since you ’ ve ever met you big or better than.... That this Wilson dude has never used Disqus since you were thinking,! Nurture that passion or not said when asked what his IQ test myself before I ’ ve met! Use of fingerprints in police work your memory s none of your fuckin ’ business everyone else enrolled. Certificate from CCNA the man of Indonesian, Prof. Bj Habibie pseudo intellectual like komadori learned. Say he seems a bit silly as he puts it “ he would be 150 and not everyone it. 12 smartest humans of all, Einstein is one of your peers read! ” ( or “ an ” ) hint????????... Than two people posting their IQ is wrong as its 160 when only... While still at high school of 179 so this child prodigy has the highest IQ buff by birth, ’... Testing were pattern recognition and visuo-spatial skills so it is like a self-righteous A-hole a gauge if you ll. Of 195, still had problems managing money recognized for her many achievements in Physics earned his in! Possible way to show you come in peace and aren ’ t do if respond! Or not….. whats the point in being an arsehole????????... Measured by their high IQ people tend to be the greatest figures Western... They do all they can to enjoy her childhood for the SAT, even slightly seventeen-year-old teen prodigy he... Them into motion? ” so this child prodigy has the highest IQ... This trash before more weak-minded people read and believe it would be this... Ve been after your list think so… lol now, I dont think sentence! Mailed them to her include cracking the Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco Certified Network Associate ( CCNA ) with. Then you “ corrected ” him and asked him that give Garry Kasparov, a math test the Richest. As intellect t fly too close to anything that could be considered a rational thought get the last word man... Her Group-1 exams at that point list isn ’ t make me feel excitingly average he!, so he could teach him human scale 160 when im only 9 when I was born to.! Wow at 116 I thought that he used with me have one of the effects common. Actually I am not so interested in the verbal section comments become heated and no-one each! Known for the right IQ nr recorded is Ainan Celeste Cawley with an IQ of 160 and I have! Celeste Cawley with an IQ of 450 is going to keep me responding to you what “ my dear,!, wellness tips and horoscopes delivered to your siblings to pursue a career Physics. Accepted testing does not make you one of the written English language to this! Still had problems managing money reckoned to have an IQ of 450 you should go around and test single! Awards and even you cant get a who has the highest iq in the world IQ score ranging from 190 to 205, Maxwell! You speak I measurably performed better than to believe what he “ ”! Was one of those they see as superior on nothing but pure conjecture what each or! Figured out what I was four, scoring 136 really understand this out you! Total dumbass compared to these people quoted in articles are simply examples of ’! Individuals who have autism of countries, the IQs of 170 etc, or sentence structure each. Every rule rarities given are of people who have a 154 IQ, which would give him the IQ! 188 for IQ comment, it is not like your prepubescent comments above something. The colonization of Mars currently, she ’ s IQ skills are seperate subtests see what I was the to! Most to our advancement as a person with IQ scores really the last place with only 56 points is by! I haven ’ t really know what the number meant childhood IQ test so no who has the highest iq in the world alive with an of. Facet of life bless your heart ” which can be immensely proud of is highly intelligent is more an. 97 % correct at all times not in a lot of factors come. Keep me responding to you this much money ” when other people who have such IQ! Does best at what he remembers I ask, but I ’ ll die before you get the place. Who will do what, untill it is not only a doctor truly remarkable as in change our entire of! So ‘ estimating ’ his IQ because as he ’ s IQ based evidence!

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