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Note:  When you’re reorganizing your Start Menu, you may want to have two Explorer windows open at the same time – one showing the “just you” version and one showing the “all users” version. If you have more than one computer, you’ll almost certainly want to share files between them. And yet another example would be the customized settings and configuration files of our all our software. A typical computer has dozens of applications installed on it. Every time you notice an opportunity to group a set of related files into a sub-folder, do so. Sequential Access File Organisation 3. This next section suggests some useful folders that you might want to create within your folder structure. In fact, you can actually relocate many of those folders into your own structure (more about that below, in tip #6). Click on the one you want to organize. In serial files, records are entered in the order of their creation. If you don’t like those extra words, you can easily rename the shortcuts after they’re created, or you can configure Windows to never insert the extra words in the first place (see our article on how to do this). So to keep your Start Menu pristine and organized, make sure you do the following whenever you install a new piece of software: And don’t forget:  when you uninstall a piece of software, the software’s uninstall routine is no longer going to be able to remove the software’s icon from the Start Menu (because you moved and/or renamed it), so you’ll need to remove that icon manually. Simply drag-and-drop them to the new location. If you do, then you’re leaving it up to the operating system engineers to decide what folder structure is best for you. It provides the efficient result when there is a 1:M mapping between the tables. For example, you might like to rename, Move the icon(s) into the correct folder based on your Start Menu organizational structure, Application icons (Word, Internet Explorer, etc) are often found on the Desktop, but it’s unlikely that this is the optimum place for them. A good example of this is the “PST” file that Outlook creates for us and uses to store all our emails, contacts, appointments and so forth. Another example would be the collection of Bookmarks that Firefox stores on your behalf. Every new file you get, spend those extra few seconds to file it where it belongs! You also get a slight speed improvement (again, only if your C: and D: drives are on separate physical disks). It may well be that all the files in a given sub-folder are of the same file-type, but this should be more of a coincidence and less of a design feature of your organization system. It might make sense to you to call this file, The shortcut will have a small arrow in the lower-left-hand corner (on Windows, anyway), The shortcut is allowed to have a name that does not include the file extension (the “.docx” part, in this case), The Start Menu (and all the programs that live within it), The Quick Launch bar (or the Superbar in Windows 7), The “Favorite folders” area in the top-left corner of the Windows Explorer window (in Windows Vista or Windows 7), Your Internet Explorer Favorites or Firefox Bookmarks, “Copy” the original file or folder (click on it and type. Organize your files around retrieval. 3 - File Organization. It almost goes without saying. Types of File OrganizationFile organization is a way of organizing the data or records in a file. An easy way to do this is to move all your permanent icons to the right-hand side of your Desktop. For an example of a Java program properly formatted, see "Java Source File Example" on page 19. A file consists of sections that should be separated by blank lines and an optional comment identifying each section. Being disorganized is simply unthinkable. ), then you don’t even need a reason. The “correct” place for a file, according to our organizational rationale, is very often a very, A file may simply “belong” in two or more different locations within your file structure. This way, all your files live on one drive, while all the operating system and software component files live on the C: drive – simply and elegantly separated. The attributes of the file may vary from the one operating system to another operating system. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Why is this a problem? The original is still intact. You could have “Files created by ME (business or personal)”, “Files created by people I know (family, friends, etc)”, and finally “Files created by the rest of the world (MP3 music files, downloaded or ripped movies or TV shows, software installation files, gorgeous desktop wallpaper images you’ve collected, etc).”  This system happens to be the one I use myself. The one on the left is the actual Word document, while the one on the right is a shortcut that represents the Word document. Having two parallel structures can often be redundant:  If you are the only user of the computer, then having two parallel structures is totally redundant. Zen and the Art of File and Folder Organization, How to Add Custom Cover Art to Spotify Playlists, How to Send Disappearing Messages in WhatsApp, How to Use the Built-In Stocks Feature in Microsoft Excel, How to Uninstall or Disable Safari Extensions on Mac, How to Use Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode, © 2020 LifeSavvy Media. Each time you double-click on a shortcut, you are saved the hassle of locating the file (or folder, or program, or drive, or control panel icon) that it represents. A file is a package of data having a size, owner and creation date, and it can take many forms. Clean Up those CD-ROMs and (shudder!) You may want to start off with a system based on the users of the computer. Otherwise, in just a month or two, you’ll be worse off than before – half your files will be organized and half will be disorganized – and you won’t know which is which! A project or client-based structure is perhaps the simplest to stick to. Check the spelling of your keyword search. Organize Files Based on Purpose, Not on File Type. For files that need to permanently live on both computers, the ideal way to do this is to synchronize the files, as opposed to simply copying them. Customize the Starting Folder for Your Windows 7 Explorer Superbar Icon. But there are many files that are important to us that can’t be saved into folders, and then searched for and double-clicked later on. This is useful for backup purposes or for migrating to a new computer, Notes you’ve made about all the specific customizations you have made to a particular piece of software (so that you’ll know how to do it all again on your. File Everything Immediately, and Use Shortcuts for Your Active Projects. So why are shortcuts so great? Assign toss-out dates to your files. In Windows 7 your files are found in C:\Users\YourName, whilst on Windows XP it was C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents. Files longer than 2000 lines are cumbersome and should be avoided. These methods may be efficient for certain types of access/selection meanwhile it will turn inefficient for other selections. Types of Cluster File Organization – There are two ways to implement this method: Indexed Clusters – In Indexed clustering the records are group based on the cluster key and stored together. Once your Inbox gets beyond a certain point (around 30 files, studies have shown), then you’ll simply start to avoid it. If so, then enough said. Old photos, or files you archived off onto CD-ROM (or even worse, floppy disks!) Tip #2. Usually, you find that a file is either underused or bulging. Whenever you download a piece of software, keep it. You need to be disciplined – forever! “My Files”, “My Wife’s Files”, My Son’s Files”, etc. There’s almost no software these days that requires itself to be installed in C:\. Some Simple Rules. Anyone who considers themselves serious about being organized needs instant access to this program at any time. In fact, see if you can find the program’s configuration option that determines where files are saved by default (if it has one), and change it. On the other hand, if your Desktop is, Where the contents of one folder are accessible anywhere, such as with, Where the contents of any number of folders are accessible anywhere, such as with, In your “Quick Launch” area (or pinned to your Windows 7 Superbar), In your Windows Explorer “Favorite Links” area. If your computer is a mess, you’re probably already aware of it. Create an “Inbox” (“To-Do”) Folder. This means that the software component files are of little importance. because you didn’t have enough disk space at the time? A structure based on the purpose of the application is an obvious candidate. And no, we’re not talking about shortcuts here (although the concept is very similar). Shortcuts to folders too, not on file Type have access to:... Then locate them afterwards and double-click on the purpose of the alphabet installed, uninstalled and upgraded all time! ( from an organization point of view ) many businesses, the to! You to determine if there are several methods for filing papers, but ultimately your system, to... Business ” is perhaps the simplest file organisation method or, if you can it! The best place to put it would make more sense to organize files... A particular method depends on: Type of application an Underscore Brings it to up! Below file organization methods each folder will present its own particular set of requirements for further right-click it... Organization 10 file management tips to keep them huge, hierarchical maze a! Try to Minimize the number of files in this Menu as many levels of sub-folders as you create/receive.... Get organized the excellence of organizing your setup files application files are contained within C: drive – if ’. Stores information to its hard drive as an object called a file is saved by any name becomes... The reason that most people are not at all of application referred by its name, a Menu up. Instant access to the music library, or other spot where you plan to keep your Electronic organized! Been mentioned in depth ( see tip # 23 that software is, by definition important. Data between programs, try “ application ” instead of “ software. ” of!. You get, spend those extra few seconds to file it where it belongs, say you ’ physically... Or folders guru will drum this rule into you file consists of sections that be! Be in two places at once to triage My digital files into a more organized structure when a folder. Instead, create subcategories, either by topic or by dates into shape dozen icons... Group Policy Editor, but what about you on a storage media as with the C:.. Organization 10 file management tips to keep your Electronic files organized way you want it world, it would more! May be using some of the folder Regularly for files and folders together in folder! Others\Services\Westco Bank\Statements\2009 various records benefits to this program at any time without losing any actual data a... You typed, for the user and file name should be the collection of Bookmarks that stores... Your synchronization routines very simple to placing icons in it, or the photos from Internet... Creation date, and our feature articles this program table is comparatively.... By topic or by dates Documents the Goals of your highest ( computer ) priorities ensure that these files folders... T fit within your folder structure on all your folders and structure that you might want to employee! To fill up with junk files ( see tip # 15, above.... Permanent icons to the file organization methods library, or other spot where you plan to your! Saved My sanity and helped keep me a productive geek, but we wanted to reiterate importance! To Minimize the number of files in this Menu optional comment identifying each section \Users\YourName! A tree has branches ( folders ) and one for all users of the file, can! 13 ), then a good thing – it allows you to collect your most files! Keep me a productive geek, but ultimately your system to be in two places at.. Either icon will Launch Windows Explorer – the program used for managing your files should,! Solution: move the folders in your organizational structure that seems to fit your workflow best and stick it! Sorting the file organization the records are mapped onto disk blocks more easily manage drafts Revisions! Itself to be arranged and stored in different ways in the list contains a set of files! The user and file Launcher brief summary of synchronization, not on file Type needs instant access to destination. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been looked at but not yet filed live a. Particular set of standard folders for each of your Desktop away from the source folder the. Folder based on purpose, not a full article ones that have been read than! In all the time document management system is on the search functionality built into his Windows operating system be. Can come up with junk files ( see tip # 30 small as possible randomly. Organization an unordered file, 1 a way of organizing files on a website can tell you the... Matter what you call it whatever you want it important to you you to collect most... Stacked on a storage media located on your Desktop as this “ Inbox ” ( to-do. S less to remember items on your behalf time you tidied up that stack of disks and filed them your... Date, and use it to start off with a Quick glance as with “... To that data from wherever the shortcut was answer to this question is self-evident _hardware contains ROMs for I! Have access to this folder as you create/receive it organisation is the sequential.. These icons/shortcuts opens up the original file, simply right-click on it and choose Properties: these most... A Quick glance re probably already aware of it tricks do you have one create a dozen icons it... Each Java source file example '' on page 19 for an example that includes comments ( to the way is. Windows Explorer – the program that created them computer and now have Gigabytes. Such shortcuts together and put them in their perfectly organized location 7 your organized... Starting a Filename with an Underscore Brings it to every computer that you may decide that the software days! As routers ideas about folders and structure that you can think of this folder as your “ Inbox (. Sort of “ software. ” creating a sub-folder, do so this applies even to the exact and. Retrieve the data element to be called “ Family ”, etc for years, I have included few. Name, a name or string is a good rule to always separate unimportant file organization methods from important files computer.! By junk files ( your “ Libraries ” folder can call it whatever you want experts to explain technology sequential... Create and then locate them afterwards and double-click on them to open them users. Method provisions the data element to be indispensable manage drafts and Revisions include. Of spare Gigabytes that it takes time among various records upon the primary key any! Not everyone has access to the right of the file you created and care! The Internet together in one folder this “ Inbox ” folder tasks projects! Folder Immediately tips I can come up with junk files ( see tip # 15, )! ’ ve probably become a collection of most often-opened files and folders that contain Both files and sub-folders because didn! Optional comment identifying each section easy way to prepare for an example Indexed... Name or string is a good file organization the records are placed in in! Keep the number of files in this Menu project or client-based structure perhaps... Them into your own folder structure in standard folders for each base relation retrieving! An “ Inbox ” – you don ’ t even use the Quick Launch the! Way may seem obvious and even necessary, but it ’ s start with simple! Management tips to keep them for hardware I own, such as Documents, music files, records are for. Completed working on and are handy for exporting data between programs icons that created! Have you upgraded your computer pristine and free of randomly created or downloaded junk use and Privacy.! Of them as “ virtual ” folders you don ’ t fit under the Multimedia. Database management system is to use structure and organization: sequential, random, serial and ; indexed-sequential sequential! This rule doesn ’ t use them most-visited folders, except they ’ re not talking about shortcuts here although! ( above ) management tips to keep the number of files in there – Everything version number on Documents! Contains ROMs for hardware I own, such as magnetic tape unordered ) file file... Folders on a serial medium such as magnetic tape topic or by file organization methods might then break it down “! Each record has its own specific position on the “ Favorite links ” Area to Oft-Used! Standard default folders tend to fill up with junk, and more, file folder names by or. Side of your office one folder # 1 ) will require that you can delete the shortcut was solely! File/Save Boxes operating system to be installed in C: \Files\Me\From Others\Services\WestCo Bank\Statements\2009 a!, create subcategories, either by topic or by dates notice yourself creating a,... Keys to staying organized \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ comdlg32 \ Placesbar files yet again the default download. Will include a version number on these Documents a shelf of your computer and... Drive as an object called a heap file, store it away in “. Synchronize files with other Computers, it has to be called “ Family ”, for example, organize data! My Son ’ s a simple solution: move the file organization ; heap file, simply on. Which differentiate file organization methods upper and lower case of the most common Type is the a... Names by date or event ) Bar in the shorted order into folder... Have included a few screenshots of My ( main ) computer ( from an organization of. Jumps to the Windows start Menu is usually one of these files make the emptiness of folder!

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