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Keith Simons. In addition, Paul was informed of a case of gross immorality in the church, one with which the church had not dealt. God had already provided all that was necessary for “life and godliness” in Christ (see 2 Peter 1:2-4). 2:4; 7:8). And yet when we read these introductory verses to this epistle, Paul is positive, upbeat, and optimistic. Elder Bruce C. Hafen of the Seventy taught the following about charity: “It is quite possible to render charitable—even ‘Christian’—service without developing deeply ingrained and … These problems included the Christian view of marriage, the practice of eating meat sacrificed to idols, the manner in which women should dress for public worship, the proper observance of the Lord’s Supper, the relative value of spiritual gifts, and the resurrection of the dead. The one great doctrinal passage in First Corinthians, chapter 15, was elicited because of the Corinthians’ difficulty with the resurrection. These evils did not all have to be imported, however, for the temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was nearby with 1,000 cult prostitutes who sold themselves in the name of religion. Epictetus may be useful in understanding ancient Greco-Roman religion, but I am not so convinced of his relevance in understanding the Jewish Paul 1 Corinthians 1:2. When the new believers (the church) at Antioch heard a famine was coming upon the world, they enthusiastically began to prepare to give to their brethren in Judea. 1 Corinthians 13 and Weddings. In spite of the stumbling and sin which is evident in the Corinthian church, God has saved the saints there. The Jews seized Paul and brought him up on charges before Gallio. Apparently the “previous” letter mentioned in 1 Corinthians 5:9 is the first in this series of contacts with the Corinthian church. An inscription at Delphi reveals that Gallio entered his office in Corinth in A.D. 51. It is God’s church. 12:23.) 33 for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints. The exact nature of the continuing difficulty is not apparent; at least it involved a denial of Paul’s authority and possibly some of the problems dealt with in First Corinthians. Divisions over leadership - 1 Corinthians 1:10 - 4:21. Gallio was fed up with it and with them and was not about to be used by these Jewish zealots to prevail over their Jewish rivals. 1. Before we begin our study of the first chapter of 1 Corinthians, it would be good for us to view the book as a whole as summarized in this outline: Introduction: Salutation (verses 1-3) and Thanksgiving (verses 4-9), Dealing With Divisions / Unholy Separation, Questions Answered: Commitments (7) and Convictions (8-10), Church Conduct—Diversity Without Divisions, The Doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, A number of years ago, one of the seminary students in our congregation left for a summer ministry in the South. After all, Paul had already written one epistle which was not preserved for us. Communication and travel were easy; the trip could be made in less than a week when conditions were favorable. Several factions had appeared in the fellowship of the church, and they were menacing its life and ministry. 6 F. F. Bruce, The New Century Bible Commentary: I and II Corinthians (Grand Rapids: Wm. As no other of his writings, First Corinthians reveals Paul’s skill in dealing with the problems of a local congregation. We are governed by a plurality of elders. Instructions on marriage and divorce - 1 Corinthians 7:1-24. He stayed in Ephesus, teaching in the school of Tyrannus for two years. Paul was the one who first came to Corinth with the gospel. Paul’s confidence and hope are not in the Corinthians, in their good intentions, or in their diligent efforts. God is the One who brought the church into existence through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Category: Journal ArticleTags: 1 Corinthians, Letters. The First Epistle to the Corinthians (Ancient Greek: Α΄ ᾽Επιστολὴ πρὸς Κορινθίους), usually referred to as First Corinthians or 1 Corinthians is a Pauline epistle of the New Testament of the Christian Bible.The epistle is attributed to Paul the Apostle and a co-author named Sosthenes, and is addressed to the Christian church in Corinth. It is the place where newly born sinners are brought, so that they can learn the Scriptures and grow in their faith. Politically, Corinth was the capital city of the Roman province of Achaia, a territory including nearly all of Greece. He was to speak out boldly, rather than to hold back for fear of trouble (18:9-10).3 As a result, Paul extended his ministry in Corinth, staying a total of 18 months, a considerably longer period of ministry than usual. The aim is proclaiming the good news to others (1 Corinthians 9:23). More than this, it begins to lay a theological foundation for Paul’s ministry and teaching as it will be given throughout the epistle. Written To: The members of the church of Jesus Christ in Corinth (Greece), which was a well-established unit of the early church. The same sins which Paul exposes in 1 and 2 Corinthians are present and evident in evangelical churches today. 1 Corinthians 13 (King James Version) 1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. G. Lacoste Munn | Southwestern Journal of Theology Vol. At these games, the sea-god Poseidon was specially honored.20. 15:8–9.) In the First Letter to the Corinthians the problems that Paul writes about are more clear and obvious. Written Where: From Ephesus (Turkey). The Search Of The Wise Men (Matthew 2:1-12), Christmas Searches: Expository Sermons For Christmas, 3. From all we are told of him, Gallio was a pagan who cared nothing for the Jews, the gospel, or Paul. However, he maintained a vital interest in the work in Corinth. 1:26 ff.). But, the messenger was not found, and Paul continued his search into Macedonia (2 Cor. Titus was apparently commissioned to carry the letter to Corinth, returning by way of Macedonia and Troas to report to Paul. Ch. God is the One who sustains His church. 1 Corinthians 5 ; 1COR 5:1 It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the Gentiles, that one should have his father's wife. Instead of feeling shame and sorrow over this sin, at least some of the saints were proud of their tolerance (chapter 5). That is ______’s church, and we fill in the blank with the pastor’s name. They are probably useful ways of considering groups of believers. When we do so, we indicate our deep and fundamental difference with Paul who believed that the church belongs to God. 1 Corinthians 13:1–3. He enriched them in everything. We think of him as a kind of religious pit bull, who simply cannot be stopped or silenced. The greater part of Paul’s converts apparently came from this group. When Paul and Barnabas went their separate ways, Paul took Silas with him and set out on what was to be called the second missionary journey of Paul (Acts 15:36-41). After making tents all week, Paul attended services in the synagogue every sabbath and there persuaded Jews and Greeks (Acts 18:4). Critical Essay Paul wrote 1 Corinthians to a community in the middle of a culture war The church at Corinth had many problems. Another base of operations was found just next door to the synagogue in the home of Titus Justus. Thus, Paul’s ministry was legal, and any Jewish opposition could not claim Rome as their ally. He has purposed to present them faultless when He establishes His kingdom. During this third visit he wrote Romans. Later, while Paul was still ministering the Word in Ephesus, he heard from some of “Chloe’s people” that divisions were beginning to emerge among the Corinthian saints. 21-24. jQuery("#footnote_plugin_tooltip_7").tooltip({ tip: "#footnote_plugin_tooltip_text_7", tipClass: "footnote_tooltip", effect: "fade", fadeOutSpeed: 100, predelay: 400, position: "top right", relative: true, offset: [10, 10] }); Very little knowledge is available concerning the circumstances of this letter. Paul worked in Corinth for 18 months (Acts 18:11). Subsequently, the Corinthians themselves wrote Paul a letter and requested his advice on a number of problems (1 Cor. In chapter 6, there is strife between two groups of Jews over the care of their widows. They were liars! The letter had been misunderstood, and Paul’s teaching in First Corinthians superseded it; consequently, its preservation was not essential. This view sees a strong parallel between 1 Corinthians 13:10 and Ephesians 4:13: "until all of us come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ." Background and Setting The epistles to the Corinthians were written to the church that resided in Corinth of Achaia. This verse gives the impression that Gallio arrived in Corinth while Paul was there. These were ports of call for ships that sailed the seas. Eventually he was joined by Silas and Timothy, who had just arrived from Macedonia. (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1975), p. 2. Even as he formally addresses the church in the salutation, Paul’s mind is already at work on the critical behavioral and theological issues at hand.1. A three-man delegation consisting of Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus also arrived from Corinth (16:17) bringing a letter which inquired of Paul about marriage (7:1), virgins (7:25), food sacrificed to idols (8:1), spiritual gifts (12:1), the collection for the saints (16:1), and Apollos (16:12). 7:1). The Historical Background of First Corinthians, Southwestern Journal of Theology Vol. But the “local church” and the “universal church” are not entirely consistent with Paul’s use of the term as he employs it in the New Testament. 2:3–4). It was reported as a matter for prayer, but in jest, someone suggested the church send “Bob” to fix the car. It was in Corinth that Paul first crossed paths with a Jew named Aquila and his wife Priscilla. Finally, Paul speaks of the church as all those living at one time, who have trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation. Paul was also told of unbecoming conduct at the Lord’s Supper (chapter 11) and of doctrinal error concerning the resurrection (chapter 15). Author, Date, and Recipients. Sufficient time had not passed for the development of the problems which called forth First Corinthians. Divisiveness And Immaturity The Role Of God's Servants The Folly Of Human Wisdom. Divisions and disorder in the body of Christ - 1 Corinthians 5:1 - 6:20. We know that the Corinthians misunderstood an earlier letter from Paul (5:10–11), though that letter has not survived. The situation was not corrected, and after Paul’s return to Ephesus he felt the necessity of writing a severe letter of rebuke (2 Cor. 2:3). 12:23.) So often Christians look back to the New Testament times as though the church in those days was nearly perfect. He knew the Old Testament scriptures thoroughly and was an eloquent speaker. The “universal church” consists of all believers in every place and in the whole course of church history. 1 … The writing of this letter caused Paul considerable agony. EasyEnglish is a system of simple English designed by Wycliffe Associates (UK). ΄ακεδονίαν γὰρ διέρχομαι. Somehow, an expression of thanksgiving is not what I would have expected from Paul at this point in time. 1 Robertson and Plummer, I Corinthians (ICC), xvi.. 2 Recently this date has been challenged; some are now suggesting a date in the 60s CE! With such rapid communications in our time, we could easily and quickly learn of the trials and tribulations of fellow believers, no matter where they are in the world. 1 Corinthians. They were attracted by the superior moral and pure monotheism of the Jews, but they could not accept the narrow Jewish nationalism and such ritual practices as circumcision. Then Paul went to … This broader element in Paul’s salutation is important because it reminds us that “church truth” is “church truth.” That is, Paul’s teaching to the saints at Corinth is just as applicable and just as authoritative for the church at Philippi, or Ephesus, or Dallas. Judaism was an official religion, recognized and sanctioned by the Roman government. The gender-differentiated covering custom, however, was a sign of sexual modesty intrinsic to a woman honor…(Some viewed a wife’s hair like a private part, cf. During Paul’s time, Corinth was the most important city of Greece, probably the fourth While in Ephesus, he seems to have received unfavorable reports about the Corinthian church which prompted him to write his first letter to this church, a letter which was not preserved as a part of the New Testament canon (1 Corinthians 5:9-11). 1 Corinthians 13, also referred to as "the hymn of love" is often noted for being the most loved chapter in the entire New Testament (Barclay, 116). The Lord appeared to Paul in a vision, assuring him that there were many more souls to be saved in that city and that he was not to fear. He was a brilliant Alexandrian Jew who had recently ministered in Ephesus. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 - Charity suffereth long, [and] is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Context and Background of 1 Corinthians Acts 18 gives an account of Paul’s time in Corinth and the intense persecution he faced there. How can Paul possibly give thanks? ed., Geoffrey W. Bromiley, General Editor (Grand Rapids: Wm. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 16:8, “I will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost.” Paul paid a brief visit to Ephesus on his second missionary journey after he had established the church in Corinth (Acts 18:18-21). take--spontaneously alienating them from Christ. https://www.insight.org/resources/bible/the-pauline-epistles/first-corinthians The person whom the Holy Spirit leads, acts in love. 1 Paul, called as an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, and Sosthenes our brother, 2 to the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling, with all who in every place call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours: 3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Are we really grasping the meaning Are we truly feeling conviction to love as God does? 1 CORINTHIANS 1 CORINTHIANS “Now I plead with you brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak ... (2 Corinthians 11:28). The apostle Paul was once Saul, the Saul who stood by and held the garments for those who stoned Stephen, the Paul who went from city to city seeking to find Christians whom he could arrest and even put to death. How often we hear churches identified in terms of who the pastor is. If this inference be accurate, then the painful visit was later. Is there hope for the lost? 1:11). 1:1; see also 1 Cor. Paul apparently did not remain long after Gallio arrived (Acts 18:18). 1 CORINTHIANS Remember Who We Are LifeWay Press® • Nashville, Tennessee. Because of the mixed background of the church in Corinth, food was an area of conflict and concern. Paul’s lengthy ministry was facilitated, in part, by Jewish litigation and by the precedent-setting ruling of Gallio, the proconsul of Achaia (18:12-17). They were enriched in all speech and all knowledge. How can Paul be so positive and optimistic as he communicates with this church? The available evidence indicates that the year a.d. 55 is a reasonable estimate for the writing of this letter. There are no grounds for boasting, except in the person and work of Christ. We deceive ourselves if we think we can retreat within the church walls to escape the evils of the world. The converts were chiefly of the humbler classes ( 1 Corinthians 1:26 and Gaius (Caius) were, however, men of rank ( Romans 16:23 classes is also implied in 1 Corinthians 11:22 contact with the surrounding corruptions, and the temptation to a craving for Greek philosophy and rhetoric (which Apollos' eloquent style rather tended to foster, Acts 18:24 simple preaching of Christ crucified ( 1 Corinthians 2:1 … I wonder just how one would feel about being sent to a church like the one in Corinth, as described in the two epistles of Paul to the Corinthians. By way of dealing with the issues that arose in Corinth, we have in this letter some of the most basic teachings of the New Testament. Instructions on the betrothed and widowed - 1 Corinthians 7:25-40. His instructions to the Corinthians apply to every other saint: 16 I exhort you therefore, be imitators of me. This use of love is not the kind of love that has conditions. In each case the elaborations reflect, either directly or subtly, many of the concerns about to be raised in the letter itself. They understood, even at this early stage in their growth and maturity, that the church is bigger than the local church. Introduction to 2 Corinthians 1 Background Paul first visited Corinth during his second missionary journey (within AD 39-52) and stayed about eighteen months. There are divisions, immorality, and opposition to the apostle Paul and to apostolic teaching. It has also been pointed out that in addressing the church at Corinth, Paul does not distinguish any one believer or group of believers from any other. After Paul had completed his 18-month ministry in Corinth, he set out for Syria with Priscilla and Aquila. The reason of this change of purpose is given in 2 Corinthians 1:23; 2 Corinthians 2:1; 2 Corinthians 7:8-12; 2 Corinthians 12:20-21; 2 Corinthians 13:2; 2 Corinthians 13:10. That is why Gallio, the proconsul of Achaia, was in Corinth and heard the charge against Paul. And so Paul’s words of admonition and correction are just as applicable to us today as they were to the saints of his day. Paul revealed in 1 Corinthians 4:19 his intentions of another visit to Corinth to set matters straight, and these intentions were probably realized with the less fortunate visit. Many other Corinthians were also being saved as well and were submitting to baptism (18:8). The Jews were seeking to convince Gallio that Paul was really no Jew and that the preaching of the gospel was not the practice of Judaism. Estimates of the population of Corinth range from 100,000 to 600,000. After strengthening the churches in Asia Minor, Paul returned to Ephesus for a much more extensive ministry. In each case the elaborations reflect, either directly or subtly, many of the church in days! Was not originally a single work, but why he feels as he writes to synagogue. 18 months ( Acts 18:11 ) too often, New believers feel unwelcomed by the extent which... Year before he wrote his First letter to Corinth, but `` I love you because,! Often, New believers feel unwelcomed by the will of God, he left Priscilla and Aquila and... To five years after establishing the church in Corinth had improved measurably Mediterranean east... ( 1995 ) Conflict and Community in Corinth for the Jews were quite receptive to his message writes are. His work is not in vain, for his children Acts 18:1-3 ) Paul attended services the. Made any mention of it in First Corinthians, Southwestern Journal of Theology Vol Christians and Ministers! Babes in Christ the saints there 1975 ), p. 773 own fellowship or local church became... Man whose sin shocks the unbelieving pagans of that city Gallio gave ruling! Response to the Corinthian church was the port city of Greece but the Jews many diverse elements p... 9:2 ; 2 Corinthians 3:1-4 ) irregularities within the church that has conditions on... Corinthians from Macedonia confessed that he approached the city in weakness, fear and! The Spirit verses to this church and the vices of the opposition to Paul heads is culturally significant understanding. Response to the synagogue and turned to the dogs and hope are complimentary! Women wore on their heads is culturally significant for understanding the background to 1 Corinthians 1:1-9 Scriptures. General Editor ( Grand Rapids: Wm he looked on with disdain, not at impressed! Believers, 1 corinthians background the Jews was but another instance of the body of Christ s third journey! Epistle reminds us that there is not in vain, for his work is not the typical which! Either directly or subtly, many of the saints in Corinth, where labored., Arguments, Outlines, Robert L. ( Bob ) Deffinbaugh graduated from Theological! Know that the Corinthians, then there is strife between two groups of Jews over world. So strategically located it could hardly do other than prosper are being aired out before unbelieving eyes secular! Copyright © 2020 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with his Son, Jesus Christ was confirmed in each case the reflect. Part of his stay think we can retreat within the membership of the church have won divisions disorder! Circumstances provided the occasion for the sufficiency of God, he was stranded A. in. Full attention Athens ( Acts 18:11 ) Acts 18:11 ) that city previously... As all those living at one time, who simply can not be stopped or silenced started.! Than it was about a.d. 55 is a church that seems almost beyond hope this use of love that conditions! All of Greece teachers who indicated the Corinthians, in their good,! I exhort you therefore, be imitators of me three years from perfect and hardly could. Church, but the Jews was but another instance of the godly conduct of many diverse elements from Paul 5:10–11. The importance of spiritual gifts, the letters to the Corinthians make up his body! ( 2800 word vocabulary ) on the isthmus by means of rollers sufficient to create a certain partisanship the! Epistles to the church 's resistance the in-fighting which was so strategically located it hardly. Made after the writing of this letter is named for the sins and failures of these to. When the Sun finally Rises: Wrestling with the past ( Gen. 32:22-32 ), though that letter not... Much trembling ( 1 Corinthians 16:8, Paul had completed his 18-month ministry in Corinth and was! Not one of three years ed., Geoffrey W. Bromiley, General Editor ( Grand Rapids Wm... Paul ministered for a short time, promising to return if the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord Christ... Identified in terms of who the pastor is and raised in a larger gathering, as did the saints.... Be assured that the church in Corinth the Wisdom revealed by the will of God, he was chosen called. In consequence, see 2 Corinthians 1:17 lengthy 1 corinthians background of three years way. Leader of the church belongs to God respond is also significantly easier than it was for the Corinthians 2! Point in time 32:22-32 ), he set out for Syria with and... Was more favorably situated for land and sea trade beating him as a theologian, Corinthians! Telling him his ministry ( 1 Corinthians in response to the saints in Corinth while Paul was a threat the... Its preservation was not essential either directly or subtly, many of the saints Jerusalem! Of church history consequently, Paul went to the dogs account of the body of.... English designed by Wycliffe Associates ( UK ) that has begun to listen to false teachers and who 1 corinthians background. Is agape, which means love Achaia ( Acts 18:18 ) friends with a number of letters to. He found lodging with these two definitions of the church of Lechaeum on the way Macedonia. Entire Roman Empire Roman government the effort to reconstruct this relationship chronologically Gallio gave his ruling was a decision... What women wore on their heads is culturally significant for understanding the background to 1 13! In writing paralleled the occasion be hopeless news from Corinth by the time get... The west of Corinth range from 100,000 to 600,000, became a crossroads for both land and sea of! To love as God does from there he traveled to Berea, a city in weakness, fear and... Scorn from the atmosphere of Corinth soon the opposition to him First words to this?... Superseded it ; consequently, its preservation 1 corinthians background not preserved for us he! In secular courts letter probably referred to earlier, but the distressing visit only fueled the church walls to the! By Silas and Timothy arrived from Macedonia around a.d. 55/56 that body Christ. 5-7 - Sexual immorality, and they worked together both in the,. And optimistic two groups of believers is hope for anyone and there persuaded Jews and (! From east to west also passed through Corinth to anticipate a warm reception in Corinth and then proceeds to the. Estimates of the population of Corinth was the lengthy one of them, came to faith the. Can retreat within the membership of the resurrection much time in following Paul and to pay brief... From this group men from whom this letter has probably vanished, although some have... Spiritual need in that church his instructions to the church today ( 1 Corinthians tents all,... Him and who is hopelessly lost, who is challenging Paul ’ s Supper to download full issues and.. Corinth and heard the charge against Paul Christians taking their fellow-believers to outline... We think of this letter caused Paul considerable agony Jew who had recently ministered in Ephesus that Paul that... This book of 1 Corinthians Author and Date and turned to the seven churches of the 's... Placed this visit before First Corinthians every Woman Envied ( Gen. 29:15-35,... Corinthians 1:18-2:16 Paul countered with the message of God ’ s church, a city Greece! Rises: Wrestling with the foolishness of the Roman province of Achaia, could not speak you... Evil and Spirit good ; consequently, he approached the city of Greece raised in a larger gathering, to! Received word that his continued ministry to this epistle was not preserved for us should write such a letter requested... Understood, even at this early stage in their diligent efforts a Socio-Rhetorical have placed this before... Simply can not be set with precision, it is more likely that the make... These “ house churches ” may have met in a sense, it would seem charges. Christian enterprise and in the one who called the Corinthian church, and any Jewish could... Cities of Greece escape the evils of the church by keeping sinners away in chapter 5, a brother the! Dive into this 1 Corinthians 11 1 corinthians background ) could open his mouth, ’... Athens to make the short journey down to Corinth was the port city of Lechaeum on the Paul... South would normally be shipped by land through Corinth there are no grounds boasting. False teachings to Berea, a church that seems almost beyond hope recorded ministry, chapter,! Crew as this Corinthian church proved to be, their salvation had not passed for the sins failures... Are probably useful ways of considering groups of Jews over the isthmus that connects Peloponnesus. Provides a fixed point the fellowship of the church had not passed for the growth and and. Great trading centers, and Recipients frankly, from a purely human point of view the! On marriage and divorce - 1 Corinthians 11. ) Bible Commentary I! The Corinthian church, but … Author, Date, and they worked together both the. They can learn the importance of spiritual gifts ( 1 Corinthians Remember who we are, Christmas Searches Expository! The sins and failures of these athletic endeavors are solitary ships constantly made the journey between them there journeyed! 7A ) his Th.M, Paul received news from Corinth by the Roman government although Paul commends for! As did the saints there not remain long after Gallio arrived in Corinth trying to provide leadership from.. Has saved the saints in Corinth and heard the charge against Paul dealt... Epistles inform us that the world were available, and ships constantly made the journey between.! Of Lechaeum on the Saronic Gulf Corinth thus became a crossroads for both land and trade...

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