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Ram Board Stair Armor ™ Info. New Products. TOPICS: paperboard Ram Board Stair Armor surface protection surface shields. Temporarily protecting the edges of stairways during construction has previously been complicated and expensive. } If you need assistance in choosing the correct temporary surface protection solution for your project, please reach out to the friendly #TeamAxiom! This means they will see a lot of use right from the beginning, through the whole lifetime of the project. Do not use cross bracing on the rear section of stepladders for climbing unless the ladders are designed and provided with steps for climbing on both front and rear sections. We would recommend the use of 6No. When there are more than two points of access between levels, employers must ensure that at least one point of access remains clear. Just one roll of Ram Board equates to 10 sheets of Masonite. Portable ladders with structural defects- such as broken or missing rungs, cleats or steps, broken or split rails, corroded components or other faulty or defective components- must immediately be marked defective or tagged with "Do Not Use" or similar language and withdrawn from service until repaired. Fixed ladders with structural defects- such as broken or missing rungs, cleats or steps, broken or split rails or corroded components- must be withdrawn from service until repaired. } var size=parseInt(tag[n].style.fontSize.replace("px", "")); filed under: Homeowner Tips. • Heavy-duty temporary stair protection • Reinforced bull nose guard • Adjustable tread • Spill Guard® technology • Non-staining • Recycled/Recyclable • Save on labor & damage repair Pack of 6 stair treads each. Our protection for stairs can be used to protect smooth stairs, carpeted stairs, stair nosings, etc. Floor Protection For the Pros. Wood Stair Case - Protection During Remodel Most of my clients have carpet everywhere so I use drop cloths to cover the carpet and stairs so that when coming and going the carpet is covered, and then vacuum everyday once done. Use ladders only for their designed purpose. Stair rail systems and handrails must be surfaced to prevent injuries such as punctures or lacerations and to keep clothing from snagging. Ends of stair rail systems and handrails must be built to prevent dangerous projections, such as rails protruding beyond the end posts of the system. document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script); Florprotec can supply stair runner dust sheets with spring loaded stair rods to hold dust sheets in place to avoid trip hazards. } Stairway parts must be free of dangerous projections such as protruding nails. There must be a way to access the platform or other point of access. Tops of cages must be a minimum of 42 inches (1.1 m) above the top of the platform or the point of access at the top of the ladder. Mountings for flexible carriers must be attached at each end of the carrier. Kitchen Protection. Stairs are vulnerable on construction projects for a few reasons. function changeFontSize(inc){ Variations in riser height or stair tread depth must not exceed 1/4 inch in any stairway system, including any foundation structure used as one or more treads of the stairs. Edge protection and stair handrail systems Staircases present a dangerous potential for falls when working at height in the construction business. When there is a break in elevation of 19 inches (48 cm) or more and no ramp, runway, embankment or personnel hoist is available, employers must provide a stairway or ladder at all worker points of access. Most of all, they are super durable so will last a long time for many uses. Minimum clear distance between the sides of individual rung/step ladders and between the side rails of other fixed ladders must be 16 inches (41 cm). Carpet Film protects up to 45 days with clean removal. Ladder components must be surfaced to prevent snagging of clothing and injury from punctures or lacerations. When done properly, these durable products will protect your stairs from all manner of dangers that the construction site poses. Improved … Our wide range of stair protectors will prevent damage to any kind of staircase, and can help maintain safety on a construction site. All safety devices must be activated within 2 feet (.61 m) after a fall occurs and limit the descending velocity of an employee to 7 feet/second (2.1 m/sec) or less. Being lightweight, waterproof, super durable, and easy to cut to size for smaller stairs makes them a first choice for many construction professionals Canada Wide. It is super flexible and easy to work into every stair tread and nosing, making it a great choice for protecting any type of stairs. Paperboard Protects Stairs During Construction . Do not move, shift or extend ladders while in use. Due to the nature of stairs, the edges are vulnerable from boots and shoes hitting, scraping, or kicking the nosing and all other areas of a step. Cages must not extend less than 27 inches (68 cm), or more than 30 inches (76 cm) from the centerline of the step or rung and must not be less than 27 inches (68 cm) wide. Get yours today and save your stairs from any damage during your project. Ram Board’s temporary floor covering protects from scratches, spills, dents and more. Easy-to-install Step Protect PLUS pads are a durable, time-saving alternative to paper for protecting stair treads during a home improvement project. Stairs are vulnerable on construction projects for a few reasons. Screens or mesh, when used, must extend from the top rail to the stairway step and along the opening between top rail supports. If you are looking for a quick and reusable temporary stair protection solution, then the Armour Neoprene Floor Runner is for you! Fully waterproof with white tear resistant film which makes it easy to see areas that have not been covered and protected. NYC Building Code 2014 > 33 Safeguards During Construction or Demolition > 3303 Safeguards and Maintenance of Site > 3303.11 Stairs During Construction or Demolition 909.20 Fire Protection Systems, Smokeproof Enclosures From straight staircases to ship ladders, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Stairways with four or more risers or rising more than 30 inches (76 cm) in height- whichever is less- must be installed along each unprotected side or edge. Slippery conditions on stairways must be corrected. Rungs and steps of fixed metal ladders manufactured after March 15, 1991, must be corrugated, knurled, dimpled, coated with skid-resistant material or treated to minimize slipping. No tape, No hassle Hardwood Stair and Hardwood Floor Protection Provides up to 60 days of protection. Designed for use during high-traffic conditions, our 3mil thick floor protection film offers temporary protection of up to 45 days with clean removal. if(tag[n].style.fontSize){ Handrails must provide an adequate handhold for employees to grasp to prevent falls. Stair Safety Posts on a standard staircase (3 on the landing and 3 on the stairs) Painted undersides. Fully compatible with our barrier system this product ensures safety is never compromised in a hazardous stairway environment. var tag = document.getElementsByTagName(tagnames[t]); for(n=0; n

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