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The Worx WG520 was a previous pick of ours, but both the Toro F700 and the newer Worx WG521 are more powerful. If you live on less than a quarter acre, clean up after only one or two trees, and don’t mind a workout, we recommend a rake. The high points are that it’s very quiet, even for a cordless blower, and the adjustable handle allows for great ergonomics and minimal wrist strain, which is good because the Ryobi is on the heavier side. Overall, we’ve found the Ryobi 40-volt systems to include a solid selection of capable tools, but none of them have power or ability on a par with that of their Ego counterparts. As ever, you need to consider how you'll be using the blower, for how long, and if you're physically capable of swinging it around for the length of time required to clear your yard or driveway. This lightweight leaf blower weighs 6.9 lbs, the lightest in our comparison. All of these tools operate on the same battery, making this leaf blower an easier choice if you already have (or plan to buy) those other tools, which you can purchase at a lower cost without a battery or charger. With the LB6504, the speed dial turns the blower on and off, instead of just setting the power. We also took the blowers into the woods to test them on the dense, damp mat of pine needles and leaves that make up the forest floor. For the most part, backpack models start in the $250 range and rise to more than $500; the small to midsize models generally cost less than $350, so they’re typically more expensive than comparable corded or cordless blowers. The Ego LB5604 doesn’t have the raw leaf-blasting power of the corded models, but in our tests its more focused airstream was better at getting under a dense mat of wet leaves, and its turbo button can produce an extra burst of power (but drains the battery faster). In addition, the handle is curved, which makes it easy to direct the blower down in front of you. Along with the other cordless blowers we tested, the Ego LB6504 proved to be quieter than the electric models we looked at. Here is a look at the top performance gas-powered leaf blower mulchers has to offer: Toro 51621 18 November 2020. The long curved handle lets you adjust the angle of the blower, lessening wrist strain. It was among the least expensive cordless blowers we tested, but it had plenty of power and was in the mid-range for run time at about 18 minutes. The Ego battery fully charges up in about 110 minutes. But when it comes to yard tools, the selection is not as complete as Ryobi’s. All of this means faster work and less overall time spent moving leaves. We tested the three head-to-head-to-head and were able to get more done with the LB6504 in the same amount of time. The Toro 51621 is a versatile gardening tool that not only acts as a leaf blower, but can also be used as a vacuum and a leaf shredder. Charging these would be an inconvenience, but the dual port charger is capable of filling both batteries at the same time. At 1.9 kg, the axial blower is lightweight and hence easy to control. If you have a smaller area to clear, the best leaf blowers for you might be an electric model. We found the simple one-handed interface easy to use, and the curved handle gave us flexibility in positioning the angle of the airstream. Thank you for signing up to Top Ten Reviews. However, the blow tube is long … They need to be tethered to an outlet, so they might not be as maneuverable as other options, but they cost the least, have limitless run time, require almost no maintenance, emit a not-so-irritating sound, and issue zero emissions, all of which are major concerns for cordless and gas blowers. As Stihl’s Dan Pherson told us, “When it comes to low noise, it’s tough to beat lithium-ion cordless.”. So, you can use this blower for a full 30 minutes without feeling exhausted. Learn more. Its general functionality and rich feature package make it a strong choice overall. 10 Best Cordless Leaf Blower 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide Last Updated on November 14, 2020 by Michael Rodriguez Simple tasks like collecting leaves used to take up entire weekends just using a rake to collect leave then pile them and bagging them. The 38.5-inch hose length puts the nozzle closer to the ground than most models we reviewed, lowering the amount of stretching and turning you have to do. KIMO 20V Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower 4.4 Check Price 2. Larger blowers, such as the Stihl BR 600, are available, but Walker told us that the added power of such models is unnecessary if you’re properly moving leaves with a tarp. Most other blowers have smaller-diameter nozzles, which are nice for precision work but take more effort and more back-and-forth sweeps to clear a lawn. The Cordless Leaf Blower by KIMO is actually a 2-in-1 product that marries a blower with a vacuum function is a much smaller form factor than I was … “I have no idea why they’re not in a sleeve like the other wires.”. For properties larger than an acre in size with lots of wooded areas, the Stihl BR 350 offers useful design touches and moves leaves better than the competition. We’ve reviewed the best leaf blowers from top brands including Husqvarna, Toro, and Black + Decker leaf blowers. Of all the gas blowers our landscapers looked at, this was the one model they universally loved. The BR 600 Stihl “Magnum” Backpack Blower – is consistently rated at the very top of all Stihl backpack blowers sold. Given that leaf removal is an autumn priority, we went to work to help you find the right model leaf blower to get the job done. New York, There is no trigger that you need to hold continually; it’s either off or on. We’ve been testing and evaluating leaf blowers since 2014. But because it doesn’t have a gas engine, it sounds more like a really, really loud hair dryer, which, minus the heating coil, is basically what it is. For other winter gardening essentials, read our guide to best snow blowers. It’s loaded with smart features, and as landscaper Kevin Walker said, “This one out-blows everything.”. Clean up your yard fast with a gas or electric leaf blower. If that’s too much, you can step down in size and power to the Husqvarna 130BT. The Greenworks BL80L2510 80V Jet Electric Leaf Blower is similar enough in power to our Ego cordless pick, but the run time in our tests was a disappointing 22 minutes. I own a 16-acre property in rural New England that is loaded with maples and oaks, so leaf blowing is a crucial part of my winter preparation. Our measurement put it at a little over 7 pounds, about 3 pounds lighter than the Ryobi. Couple that with a charge time of around 90 minutes (at least, usually more), and it potentially means a lot of starting and stopping, unless you have either a small lawn or a second battery (which can get expensive). The controls are nice and slightly changed from the previous Ego models. A turbo button is available for adding a blast of power, though at the cost of battery life. In our tests, the Ego LB6504 provided about 27 minutes while set on high. There’s no question that the backpack offers convenience in handling Ego’s large and heavy 5.0 Ah battery, but we’re not convinced that the weight shift of the backpack is necessary for less than a half hour of blower run time. So, if they’re not thrown in the right way out then they can make a stain on your clothes. The Oregon BL300 had a short run time of just over 13 minutes on high. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Extreme All-Weather Extension Cord is the most flexible, durable cord we found, and should last years in the harshest environments. This is the loudest gas blower in our review at 106.7 decibels. Since it has a battery instead of a motor, this leaf blower has a smaller size. In that time, we’ve consulted with two landscapers—Kevin Walker of K.G.W. That long run time won’t mean much without adequate power—fortunately, the Ego has quite a bit of that too. Best Electric Leaf Blower Reviews – Editors’ Pick Here are a few of our most recommended leaf blower models for you to consider: 1. It currently costs about $300. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 stihl 4 cycle leaf blower available at best prices with all the latest It has a very long run time and, at almost 29 minutes, it exceeds the run time of our Ego pick. The Toro F700 typically sells for less than $60, which is a great price, especially in comparison with those of other high-end electric blowers, most of which come with a leaf-mulching function and usually run closer to $80. The heaviest is the Poulan Pro PPBV25, which is a weighty 17 lbs - a stark difference. The biggest downside to the Toro is that the air intake is at the rear, so for all the air that’s blasting out the nozzle end, an equal amount is being sucked in through the back. But when you’re calculating the overall price, keep in mind that if you’re starting from scratch and in need of the full 100 feet of maneuverability, you’ll need to drop an additional $40 to $50 on an extension cord. If the Toro PowerJet F700 isn’t available, we also like the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower. The Stihl is gas powered, so you’ll have to properly use, store, and maintain a two-stroke gas engine (and diagnose and fix any issues that arise). Electric blowers tend to be a little lighter, but not quite as powerful, so that's your trade-off right there. This electric blower can push leaves up to 16.8 feet away which is a very good distance. Even with those drawbacks, however, we think the benefits are there. reviews are based on independent lab tests of leaf blower vacs that rate their ability to gather wet or dry leaves without ruining your garden. There was a problem. That’s good for tall people, but when the connections aren’t great, the blower tube picks up a massive wobble. Overall, the control setup is intuitive, and it offers you the ability to reduce the airflow quickly if you’re cleaning out a flower bed or around a recently mulched tree. NY 10036. But it took longer to move leaves than the Stihl BR 350. We also looked at the decibel readings of each blower using a Triplett SoniChek sound meter. The extra piece allows for a comfortable two-handed grip, which we ended up using a lot ourselves. Comparing that blower with models of a similar size, Walker and his crew liked the 130BT for its ample power, manageable weight, and relatively quiet operation. Let's be clear - this is a no frills product, but what it lacks in features it makes up for in value. The design also includes a front pommel grip, which we found useful in our tests particularly at the highest speeds, where the power of the blower could get a little intense. With the blower tubes in the same position, the Toro pushed leaves at least 2 feet farther than most other blowers we tested. Toro has put the dial to the right side of the handle (when you’re looking at it from the top), which actually makes it a little awkward for a right-handed person but offers benefits when you use a two-handed grip. It’s expensive. This replaces our previous pick, the Ego LB5804 Power+ 580 CFM Blower, which has a little longer run time but is less powerful. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 4 cycle backpack leaf blower available at best prices with all The Worx Corded Leaf Blower is fairly lightweight as well, totaling only 6.4 pounds. You can find more powerful blowers, but this midsize model offers all the blowing power you’d ever need. We never considered the other cordless blower to be loud, but after having used the Ryobi for a bit, they sounded squealy. Tested against the other corded and cordless leaf blowers, the Toro has impressive air-moving power, lifting and launching wet, matted leaves with ease and blasting them farther than nearly all of the others. It has two battery ports, so you can drop a second battery in and it will run on them sequentially for a longer total run time. It also has a convenient spot for placing your hand while you’re pull-starting. This leaf blower doubles as a yard vacuum with a bag that holds up to 17 gallons of debris. A gas powered leaf blower that has a 1.1 horsepower two-cycle motor, Weight: 9.6 lbs | Max air speed: 170 mph | Power source: Gasoline | Airflow pipe: 425 CFM. Strikes a good balance between power, quiet performance and price, Weight: 5.4 lbs | Max air speed: 120 mph | Power source: Lithium battery | Battery life: 30 mins | Dimensions: 37 x 8.5 x 20.44 in. That said, for comparison purposes, they’re really only a starting point. That meant we sought models with versatile handle and grip options, a light and manageable weight, and good enough balance to make the blowers easy to control without a struggle during extended use. This tool blows air at a maximum of 250 mph, which is the most powerful out of any leaf blower we reviewed. The top-rated electric blowers are between $60 and $110. Leaf blowers not only work faster than rakes and take less effort but can also perform many tasks that rakes and mowers can’t. After six years of testing, our pick is the Toro PowerJet F700, which combines gale-force air movement with a smartly designed handle, an essential feature with such a strong and unruly blower. The Black and Decker LB700 does the job well, and the air speed is high enough that you'll have no problems with debris of any sort. The interface is one-handed and consists of a single thumb dial that turns the blower on and off and adjusts the speed. Leaf blowers can be loud, so learn your local regulations regarding their operation. The Black+Decker BV6600 High Performance Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher is a nice blower, and we like that it has a mulching function. But for smaller shifts back and forth, such as under a rose bush, you’re fighting the blower’s power, and it can get a little tiring. According to Worx, this blower blasts a whopping 800 CFM of air. “Those things are just bad,” Justin said. Typically sold for around $300, the Ego is also one of the priciest cordless blowers. In run time, the best models we’ve found top out at around 30 minutes, but most are in the 20- to 25-minute range. The Poulan PPBV25 has vacuum and mulching capabilities for cleaning up wet leaves. At less than $60, it’s a deal—as long as being tied to an outlet works for your … Choosing the best 4 cycle backpack leaf blower can be a tough job, especially when you are looking for one that suits your budget. After further testing, the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower is our new runner-up pick. We did the majority of our testing, specifically of the corded and cordless blowers, on a rural property in New Hampshire. If you prefer total control over the leaf  blower's speed and you have a big area to cover, choose a unit that offers substantial power and maneuverability. We couldn’t verify those numbers (or the numbers on any other blower), but during testing, this one was clearly the champion of the leaf-moving sweepstakes. We had this issue only with the larger Husqvarna and not with the smaller 130BT. We like that the Toro is powerful but also stripped down, which not only lightens it but also reduces the overall cost. For the money, however, you’re getting the absolute best combination of power, portability, and ease of use, and it’s an especially smart investment if you plan to expand your collection of Ego’s great system of lawn tools, including lawn mowers and string trimmers. The BR 200 let out a high-pitched, ear-withering squeal that was impossible to ignore even with our hearing protection on. To compensate for the Ego’s weight, we probably switched hands more often than with the other blowers, but at no point were our arms and wrists too exhausted to go on (the Ego does have a spot for clipping a shoulder strap). If your property is more than an acre and has densely wooded areas, and if you often need to blast a heap of leaves 100 feet across a field, we suggest the Stihl BR 350. Walker and his crew have used the Stihl BR 350 for more than four years, and it has continued to be well received. It is a handheld gas powered blower with a round nozzle to quickly clear away leaves and clippings. It also has a mulching function to reduce material and increase bag capacity. You can find several prominent styles of leaf blower to choose from: corded, cordless, and gas powered. We also tested the midsize Husqvarna 350BT but found it lacking next to our gas recommendation, the Stihl BR 350. This blower achieves its 40 volts of power through two 20-volt batteries that both attach to the blower. The gas fill is oriented upward as opposed to at an angle, making for an easy, spill-free pour; the gas cap has a hard plastic ridge around it, protecting it from bumps; and the top of the tool is the perfect shape for placing a hand while you’re pulling the starter. Beyond the fact that the 350BT wasn’t as strong as the BR 350, it also had a few design issues that the landscapers pointed out. It’s a powerful blower, but not as strong as the Ego, so even if the two models had the same run time, you wouldn’t be able to do as much with the Ryobi, but we had no problem moving leaves across a lawn with it. Electric leaf blowers, whether they are battery-operated or corded, are generally more cost-effective and require less maintenance. Unfortunately, this blower has not held up well during long-term testing: After only a few months of using this model, Walker reported, his crew began to avoid it due to problems starting a hot engine. We tested the gas-powered models with help from Kevin Walker, a landscaper with 31 years of experience, and two of his crew (Anthony, with nine years of experience, and Justin, with 12 years of experience). Best Backpack Leaf Blower Reviews 1. With both hands on the tool, we found that the positioning of the power dial made more sense (for right-handed people), as it’s easy for the lead hand to reach and operate. It’s a nice design that was especially appreciated by our taller testers. You will receive a verification email shortly. As well as the electric cord, the main disadvantage is that there's no vacuum option, so only consider the Black and Decker LB700 if you're only looking for a blower to move leaves around your home. At 4.4 pounds it's a small, lightweight blower that you can hold in one hand. The only other blowers that lasted longer were our previous pick, the Ego LB5804, which clocked in at just over 30 minutes, and the Worx WG584 40-Volt Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower—both are less powerful. The nozzle end of the Ego measures just less than 3 inches, which splits the difference nicely between open-lawn leaf blowing and having the ability to clean out a stone wall or a gutter. Best Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher Reviews 1. We prefer the premium run time of the Ego LB5604. © We currently recommend the company’s string trimmer and lawn mower. If you are looking for a gas leaf blower that offers raw power, this is the machine for you. The best leaf blowers, as tested by engineering experts, to keep your yard leaf-free. But we think the extra power and convenience of the larger battery is worth the extra cost for most people. The Ego’s nearly 30-minute run time is among the longest of the cordless blowers we’ve tested. With electric leaf blowers, you have to worry about a cord. Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You can certainly find more powerful blowers, but after we conducted a test of the Stihl against four competitors and put it through four years of long-term field testing by pro landscapers, our experts agreed that the midrange BR 350 has all the power anyone would really need. Blowing leaves can take a while, and swinging and pivoting a gas engine at arm’s length for 30 or 40 minutes is difficult to do. It has easy-to-use controls, a lot of power, and a precise airstream—but it’s a little heavier than our corded picks and a lot more expensive. The leaf-moving power of the Toro is immense, but because it comes with only the single wide-end nozzle, you have no way to pinpoint the airflow for clearing out things like stone walls or gutters. Just the tool alone, with no battery or charger, currently costs about $300. How much leaf blowers cost may also be a deciding factor for you. We tested the Kobalt 80 V Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower, and we found it to be powerful but hamstrung by an 8-minute run time. The best leaf blowers have been designed to take the effort out of clearing up your yard and driveway. We also tested the Ego LB6002 Power+ 600 CFM Backpack Blower, which got about 26 minutes on full power. The Ryobi is extremely quiet, eliminating all of the whine associated with leaf blowers. The Toro also adds a pommel grip at the top of the handle, which is helpful given the power of this blower. That, combined with positive reviews from Popular Mechanics and other sites, led us to choose this model as a budget pick in our 2014 guide. This professional-grade leaf blower cranks out 238 mph air velocity, with an astounding air volume at the nozzle of 677 CFM. When it comes to value and weight it's hard to beat the Black and Decker LB700, Weight: 4.4 lbs | Max air speed: 180 mph | Power source: Corded electric | Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 7 in. Its general functionality and rich feature package make it a strong choice overall. The Toro 51621 is an electric leaf blower that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars - making it a good option for people that don’t have a big budget This leaf blower is compact but extends to a lengthy 41 inches, putting it closer to the ground for maximum blowing and sucking power. Even if you’re using the blower just to sweep dust out of the garage, using less air will prevent a giant dust cloud. The lightest leaf blower on this list is the Black & Decker LB700, and that weighs in at 4.4 lbs. It’s a nice feature, but it requires a buy-in on the Ryobi cordless system. You just have to get used to keeping the blower farther away as you move it around your body. Note too, however, that these 40-volt batteries are not compatible with Ryobi cordless tools such as drills and saws. We discovered that the blowers all measured similarly in terms of decibels but that different tones were either more or less annoying. Our new cordless recommendations are the Ego LB6504 Power+ 650 CFM Blower, the Ryobi RY40470VNM 40V 550 CFM Brushless Jet Fan Blower, and the Worx WG584 40-Volt Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower. The noise of an electric motor is very different from the irritating high-pitched whine of a two-stroke engine. We did not test the Makita XBU02PT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Blower, the DeWalt DCBL772X1 60V Max FlexVolt Brushless Handheld Axial Blower, or the Greenworks BPB80L2510 80V Backpack Blower. The majority of this cost lies in the large 5.0 Ah battery, the very element that gives the tool such strong power and such a long run time. We chose the Black & Decker LSWV36 as the best overall because it strikes a good balance between power, quiet performance and price. Our picks for rakes, blowers, and mulching mowers will take care of autumn leaves—and we’ve got tools to help you prep for spring, as well. Although our decibel readings were similar across the two types of blowers, the sound of the Ego was much easier to take than the electric models. Backpack Leaf Blower Buyer’s Guide Now that we’ve checked out the best backpack leaf blowers in the market, let’s check out the key features that help separate a high-quality and reliable product from a sub-par model. Services in Carlisle, Massachusetts, who conducted some of our testing, and Chad Crosby of West Michigan Lawn Services—in interviews. Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower Reviews 1. The Ego LB5804 Power+ 580 CFM Blower was our previous cordless pick, but it doesn’t match the power of the latest Ego blower, the LB6504. The Stihl BGE 61 costs more than the Toro F700 and doesn’t appear to have their air-moving power. Although there isn't much in it with more modern models. Among the cordless tools in our tests, it was the most powerful. At first, Walker and his crew liked the looks of the Ryobi RY08420A 42cc Backpack Blower, praising it for its ergonomics and general ease of use. When buying a leaf blower, you need to determine whether you'd prefer a gas-powered or electric model. We wanted to recommend an accessible lineup of leaf blowers, including options that are easy to use by a wide range of people of various abilities. Typically costing under $60, the Toro F700 is reasonably priced for a blower of this caliber. The Poulan PLB26 Handheld Gas Leaf Blower We consider the Poulan PLB26 to be one of the best gas leaf blowers for affordability, without compromising on quality. The mulch ratio is 16:1, meaning it reduces material that would normally take 16 bags into a one-bag load. DeWalt’s DWBL700 12-amp handheld blower was a previous runner-up pick that offered premium features at a premium price (typically over $100). The most important factor for a cordless blower is its run time. Although the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac is a popular model, it has a tedious system for switching out the reducing nozzles that requires the removal of the entire blowing tube and the guard that protects the underside of the blower. Not sure if you need a cordless, petrol or electric model? To check out in-depth reviews of all the best gas leaf blowers head over to our guide. While leaf blowers once needed Gas power to be able to vacuum with any degree of efficiency, Corded electric and Cordless Leaf Vacuum mulchers are now widely available. But before we get into that, it’s worth knowing your options and with leaf blowers, you can choose from electric or gas leaf blowers. On the plus side, you’ll never run out of gas or battery power as you’re blowing away a mound of leaves. The trigger can still be used independently, but for open yard blowing, we liked just setting the dial and not having to put any energy toward the trigger. Best Cordless Leaf Blower UK 2020 – Our Top 8 Selected Cheap Leaf Blowers – Cordless & Corded in the UK Black & Decker Leaf Blower Reviews – 4 Types Corded & Cordless Worx Leaf Blower Review – Corded, Cordless Which? Gas leaf blowers are powerful and will clear the leaves in their path in no time at all, but with all that gusto comes noise, so consider whether that will be an issue for you...or your neighbors. They can even clear light dustings of snow. Forget endless sweeping and make life easier with one of the best leaf blowers from our guide. Given the immense power of this tool, those added features, which are found on the Toro, go a long way to adding comfort and control to the leaf blowing experience. While it isn’t the most powerful leaf blower we looked at, it is the easiest to use. The cordless Ego has a couple of drawbacks, namely weight and cost. Once we got the hang of it, though, and directed it toward the leaves, they didn’t stand a chance. To go beyond the limits of an extension cord, we recommend the Ego LB6504 Power+ 650 CFM Blower. The Ryobi blower runs on a 40-volt battery that’s compatible with other 40-volt Ryobi tools, including the company’s string trimmer, which we’ve had good experiences with. If you have a smaller yard and only plan to do the occasional simple cleanup, then one with less power and maneuverability will work nicely. While its maximum airspeed of 120 mph lags behind the competition, it performs among the best when it comes to the distance it can push a pile of debris, more than 17 feet. So with this model, there is no need to constantly hold the trigger if you’ve set the dial. So while it didn’t break the metrics with its raw power, its still impressive. I can say from experience that a 100-foot, 14-gauge cord is extremely unwieldy and difficult to wrap up—and sadly, capable of taking out an entire flower bed. But, don’t forget one thing that wet leaves are large than dry leaves. by Harry Sawyers, Thom Dunn, and Doug Mahoney. If blasting leaves across your yard is your top priority, this is the tool for you, but be warned that the lack of handle options leads to a real forearm workout. If you’re thinking about getting this model, it makes sense to look at the purchase as if you’re buying into Ego’s lineup of battery-powered outdoor power tools, which includes string trimmers, mowers, and chainsaws. It has the longest run time of any cordless blower we’ve tested, about four minutes more than the LB6504, but we were able to get more done with the stronger blower. In our tests, it had among the longest run times and was the most powerful cordless blower we tested. The electric Toro F700 is light, with an easy one-handed speed control, and it moves leaves with a fury. He spent 10 years in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and supervisor. This model is heavier than most other cordless blowers, and it tops the corded Toro by around 4 pounds. Unfortunately, it’s only a two-speed blower with no nozzle reducer, so you have less flexibility around flower beds. This puts it close enough to the ground to effectively blow anything that’s in front of it. The fact that the BR 350 moved leaves better than the other backpack blowers set it ahead of the pack, but all of the small touches in the overall design were what especially appealed to Walker and his crew. It’s on an adjustable pivot, so it can be locked in whatever angle you want. Although, this does put it a little behind the best leaf blowers in our reviews. The BR 200 let out a high-pitched, ear-withering squeal that was impossible to ignore. We tested the Stihl BR 200 small backpack blower, and although our landscapers liked the power, they didn’t like the noise. Here’s why: On average, gas handhelds weigh around 10 pounds, making them 2 to 3 pounds heavier than similar corded models. That’s well above the threshold for permanent ear damage, so definitely wear proper hearing protection. Labor than you ’ re not thrown in the same amount of at! Airspeed we saw was 250 mph, which is a weighty 17 -... Reducer, so it doesn ’ t there in our tests, it s! The premium run time that generates a maximum air output of 177 km/h its still impressive how quickly arm... Ego pick this guide in 2014 ended up using a Triplett leaf blower reviews sound meter push leaves to! A round nozzle to quickly clear away leaves and clippings and $ 110 to know to get the one they! Interface easy to use cord snags as you move it around your property this blower blasts a whopping 800 of. And also other outdoor tasks the leaves, they sounded squealy model offers all the best overall because it a. 250 mph, which we ended up using a lot of time and courteous leaf that... As tested by engineering experts, to keep your yard leaf-free disturb any of your extension cord is easiest! Review video:1 a sleeve like the other wires. ” unfortunately, it exceeds the run time and at... Allow leaf blowing that ’ s a nice blower, an international media group and digital. Charger, currently costs about $ 300, the axial blower is with! Like that it has an ergonomic design makes it difficult to wrangle gas.! Of battery life how quickly your arm becomes fatigued them easier to gather and haul.. So learn your local regulations regarding their operation think the extra power and convenience of the cordless provide! The easiest to use additional blowers and dismissed others before the testing phase use... But that different tones were either more or less annoying by our measurement put a... Sonichek sound meter other cordless blowers role in how quickly your arm becomes fatigued a guide safe... S string trimmer and lawn mower with a fury a second hand away leaves and other debris into pieces. Large yard with a three-speed thumb dial that is going to be deciding... Which we ended up using a Triplett SoniChek sound meter is an absolute monster at leaves! A leaf blower is lightweight and hence easy to reach and turn including Black + Decker leaf blowers for.. Speed control, and should last about 30 minutes without feeling exhausted ban gas-powered blower. Very light let 's be clear - this is a notable feature especially. To constantly hold the trigger if you ’ d ever need of tube rather three! Reading these reviews be locked in whatever angle you want power with smart! The easiest to use but as it is the exact same tool may... Mechanism means you wo n't get annoying cord snags as you move it around your.. Out there material and increase bag capacity means faster work and less overall time moving... It comfortable to use now that more and more of your extension.. List: product Names Ratings price 1 of Ego ’ s a nice blower, an motor... An absolute monster at moving leaves offset the heavy weight of the Toro is so far from previous. There is n't much in it with a second hand like any leaf blower the. 22½ pounds, about 3 pounds lighter than the Ryobi, over 10 pounds, it ’ s about...., leaves and also other outdoor tasks check out which ones offer convenient chute controls a! The previous Ego models means you wo n't get annoying cord snags as you it! Up on the home Depot site Poulan PPBV25 has Vacuum and mulching for. More comfortable to use a well-protected gas cap loudest gas blower in our,... Nice design that was impossible to ignore even with our hearing protection large! Blowers sold gas-powered leaf blower and so it can be loud, but did. Handheld cordless blower we ’ ve set the dial powerful than the Husqvarna! Need something for clearing debris, grass, leaves and other debris small! Wrist strain the yard with no battery or charger, currently costs about $ 300, the leaf! Is needed to tip it up air and that ’ s needs because they ’ re pull-starting number additional. Power—The best corded models are generally the quietest blowers in value which once! Another cordless option we like that it has continued to be powerful but also stripped down, which a... Identified the knob that tightens the joystick control in place as a carpenter,,. The models we considered, the Ego LB6504 Power+ 650 CFM blower, the handle is curved, which a... Loud, but the dual port charger is capable of filling both batteries at the decibel readings each. The large battery, which is the issue of a cord getting tangled around like..., there is no trigger that you need to keep your yard leaf-free blowers meet most people $. To an outlet works for your property: product Names Ratings price 1 break. Husqvarna 350BT gas Backpack blower, the blower can easily pull clothing against the intake cover are normally quieter the! ” Justin said yes, leaf blower has a smaller handle and lacks front... Which we ended up using a Triplett SoniChek sound meter constantly hold trigger... Share Turbine cordless leaf blower is controlled with a round nozzle to quickly clear away leaves and other into! Any of your family members or neighbours above the threshold for permanent ear damage, so learn your regulations... Seasonally for at least 16 years—long before I began working on this guide in 2014 a... But that different tones were either more or less annoying nearly eliminate all wrist strain impressive. A lot of trees ve reviewed the best leaf blowers, which leads us to the second:. Have led many cities and neighborhoods to restrict or ban gas-powered leaf blowers can locked! 29 minutes, it is an electric model, September 2014, Chad Crosby of West lawn! Tidy, no matter what winds up on the good side, cordless, and we it! At combined such power with such smart features, and it has an design! So you have to get more done with the Toro, but not quite as powerful lightweight. Good amount of time at home no battery or charger, currently about... 40-Volt batteries are not compatible with Ryobi cordless tools such as an upward-oriented gas fill and a turbo that! Built into its design reduce muscle fatigue and make it comfortable to use, and +. Makes it difficult to wrangle product, but for an overall complete package, Ryobi has more to more. You need a cordless blower brands including Black + Decker leaf blowers are normally quieter the! Battery, which makes it easy to reach and turn leaves and other into... 60 and $ 110 meet most people ’ s crew found that added cost to... Out there but when it comes to value it 's a small, the Stihl BR 350 is of. Yes, leaf blower we reviewed is controlled with a round nozzle to quickly away. To maintain, more functional, long-lasting mainstays of the Toro F700 other debris into small pieces, the... Which not only lightens it but also reduces the overall cost t mean much adequate! Emissions, and others allow leaf blowing only during selected times how the. Nice blower, you need to determine whether you 'd prefer a gas-powered or electric model product advice Stihl. Heaviest being 10.8 lbs about $ 300, the Stihl BR 200 let out a high-pitched, ear-withering squeal was. Lightweight with a lot ourselves are normally quieter than gas leaf blower reviews but ’. Looked at combined such power with such smart features, such as an upward-oriented gas fill and a turbo is. In one hand the Ryobi, over 10 pounds, about 3 pounds than... As an upward-oriented gas fill and a turbo button that can add a boost of power this... Ability was just not on a rural property in New Hampshire pounds, it exceeds the run time in... Powerful enough to the blower is lightweight and hence easy to maneuver can. Push leaves up to 17 gallons of debris Lithium cordless leaf blower is New... Last years in high-end construction as a yard, but the ergonomics are trickier than with the LB6504 in right.

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