house on equestrian farm to rent

. We are a hard-working couple living in the metro Detroit area and we are looking for an opportunity to be care-takers on a farm or similar property in exchange for housing and possibly food. I have a Class A CDL and I am very adamant about my ethics and morals. it is a small farm 2 acres of land and a small house we are looking for someone to come and stay one the land and takecare of the house and animals for room and broad I really cannot afford to pay you but will try to assist you if I can with your needs please help me not lose all the hard work me and my friend have done for 4 years he have did most of the work for 4 years and he is 75 years old please help me not sell all my hard work and effort to please mother earth and her creation you can stay in the house and I will move some where eles. We had many experiences in overall farm work, management, cultures and helping out people to make their business grow. We thought so, after a friend of ours explained the idea to us. Put your duties, privileges, conditions of stay, etc., down on paper and have both parties sign and keep copies of the understanding. I strive to do my best and I try to help that rub off on my children. My boyfriend and I are looking to live/work on a farm or large property outside of the Portland Oregon area. Our farm features a magnificent, natural setting with bluegrass pastures, creeks, valleys and forests, and gated entrances to provide a safe, peaceful environment for boarding and living. Must have pleasant attitude, like people and be willing to work half days in exchange for free room and Farm fresh produce. 4wheel drive is kind of a necessity up here. I have the skills to run a resort or campground type setting. . [7] Finally, know thyself. Any one know any thing shit me a line, No need to travel over sea's Farm resident seeking farmhand. Below is my phone number and my email, I hope to hear from you soon. Prior experience of growing vegetables in high tunnels, hydroponic \ aqua-phonics and handyman skills is added advantage. We like to garden, but have been very limited in what we have been allowed to do on family property. [4] If your farm's owner expects you to work as part of the deal—rather than simply watch over things—come to some sort of mutual agreement as to what a year's rent is worth . UPDATED. I must insist you be a Homebody as we like our slow laid back retired lifestyle, we don't use Booze or use Street Drugs but both use Recreational Cannabis, prove your worth and you might just grow 4 Recreational Plants of your own here this Summer. or be doomed. I am open to consider any opportunity, preferably in east of the Mississippi river but open to relocating further for the right fit. I am interested in becoming a care taker live in as a single veteran who wants to reconnectbwith nature. I am an avid fisher and hunter, I enjoy cooking (I am excellent cook of any food including baking.) We have a small dog that is non negotiable and absolutely must stay with us, she a fairly trained, and a people pleaser. My kids are in college now. Thank you for taking your time out to read if your want to know more my email is, Hello! Whether you are a hiker, hunter, farmer, equestrian, bird watcher, or just an introvert, this property will suit your needs. International Subscribers - Click Here Politics don't really matter, but we are Conservatives in case it matters to whomever may read this. If this offer seems beneficial to someone, please text/call or email me at: 724.633.6009 or Horse Properties for Rent: 28 Acre - Horse Facility with Indoor Arena - Kansas SOLD $1200 FOR RENTAL OF FARM ONLY., I am looking for something like that but I have a tiny house that I looking to move on and live on a farm land and work for rent or low payment for the lot and I farm, Hello. I’ve grown and learned a lot from this industry; most importantly, I’ve learned to love the land and being outdoors. Unbridled Equestrian Expertise. The owner of "our" farm plans to reside here one day himself but is currently tied to a job in the city. In the meantime, I am seeking the opportunity to experience that dream. Worked 65hrs a month for rent. Survival Skills, Garden Planning, Seed Saving, Food Preservation, Natural Health – Dozens of courses, 100+ workshops, and interactive Q&As. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. The trust that is needed and love that is shared is nothing less than devine. I know my way around some farm equipment such as, but not limited to a skid steer, a tractor, chainsaws etc. I learned the big city life was only a dream of others, me being a country gal at heart and I’m ready to get back to my calling, I am a heart working, God loving, warm blooded American woman being bold searching that maybe by chance, I could find a place to continue growing in this life on a farm filled with love, horses and knowledge to share and pass on. I am a very light social drinker (maybe 1 six pack a month). kindly mail to Looking to do the same again. email The goal is simplicity and peace. References : I will happily contribute in any way that I can, including but not limited to: cleaning, household chores, cooking, lawn care, yard work, gardening, painting, care of animals, feeding of animals. You can contact me at Semi attached, 6 days + 3 hours ago in privateproperty - Louw & Coetzee Properties, Bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, main en-suite. Grounds/ property maintenance. We love to learn and are both very hands on. Will help with barn chores. Land House Farm is an advertising site for rural properties, country houses, farms, equestrian, land and smallholdings for sale or rent. We want to experience life outside the city really the nature we love and want to be apart of helping farms or gardening and feeding animals., My husband and I are very interested in this, our phone number is 352-247-4030, My fiancé and I are very interested. No smoking. My husband and I have three kids and two cats., Phil i am interested. She is in failing health but I get around okay with my prosthetic. I live and work on my farm alone see 1:20 into video to see farm, Hello name is Jeremiah 44yrs old retired miltary. Search for land in the UK. Floyd county had the most farms subdivided the year I took real estate classes. Also need to take care of the estate-like grounds.If you have an idea - let's hear it! Had small farm horse ,goats,couple cows ivovled in 4h . We're not preachy and can get along with all kinds. We figure that our method of farm hunting should work for anyone, just about anywhere in the country. I have extensive animal experience that ranges from horses to monkeys. This would involve monitoring & maintaining automatic irrigation, electric fencing, the bi-weekly opening of paddock gaits, & ensuring sheep watering troughs are filled. I cannot farm enough to even lay the bills but do not want to sell as it will become a subdivision as most of the farms in this area have. I am a Sustainable Food Systems major and my partner is a Environmental Studies major. Hello,my name is Vladimir,I am from Seattle Wa.Looking for place to live in King County in exchange for watching your farm,feeding your animals,cooking( I am excellent cook of any russian food including baking,)also I can be companion for your elderly parents or loved ones.any ideas? look after livestock . I have the skills to run a resort or campground type setting. I will be taking classes at PSU and I desire to fill my spare time working outdoors/ gardening/ getting my hands dirty on a farm :) My boyfriend has much experience working construction as well as hunting, and farming. My partner is sick and my legs are not that good to run the farm by myself. . Currently live in WI If anyone has any suggestions. By paying with a credit card, you save an additional $5 and get 6 issues of MOTHER EARTH NEWS for only $12.95 (USA only). If you're interested, please email 4 bed detached house to rent in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. This would only be for two weeks in May/June 2020. That is just ideally, we really want experience and are highly willing to compromise. . Built on the site of a former well-regarded horse farm from the 1950s, Equestrian House©, Pocono’s Best Country Getaway, has your next vacation or event for that special occasion. I use to be a farm hand and im looking for this again in salt lake city utah. An ideal base for a group in Connemara - walk to pub, supermarket, restaurant, Park and sea. I have children that are grown. No utilities needed except on-site water and stovewood privileges. I’m open to any length in stay, but I’m primarily looking for an opportunity much like an apprenticeship where I can learn from experience and take what I learn back home to find a place of my own! I was raised up in Florida..but also part time in the hills of NC. . View 18 photos, read details, and contact the seller. Farmers, landowners, homeowners we are open to many different types of care taking/farming opportunities :), Hi! account? I do not drink or do drugs, but I do smoke (outside). If you're interested, please email I am experienced with horses, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens, etc. I am extremely hard working and very passionate about my skills and abilities to be self sufficient and to be one with the land and nature. I have a Class A CDL and I am very adamant about my ethics and morals. and caretaking sounded like just the answer. The two oldest females are nanny dogs. I am smoke and drug free. Thank you. We would prefer a farm that uses natural and/or organic practices. We are looking for someplace that we can live and work. The responsibilities include Feeding Chickens every morning at 5am,Picking up the eggs , and do the maintainance. I am trying to put the land in conservation and am working with the USDA in the conservation program. We now have to move again, and are looking for a place to raise animals and grow food also. I have a beautiful 2 yr old German Shepard very loveable and good watchdog I'm a positive person, kind of meticulous about any job I'm on. Brina, Just need a sales manager to sell my produce for a 33.3% commission jasonfisher-321)698-7837, looking for job on farm in exchange for free housing 10 experience homesteading on various farms please call bob 609 972 6965, Hello everybody. i was born and raised here., Looking for a couple or single man to help around the farm in exchange for free rent. (We're discussing this.) Hello, My name is Melinda, I am a lady in my mid 40’s living in the Ohio Valley area. Robin Orta anyone have land that they'd b willig to share or rent to own? I am open to consider any opportunity, preferably in east of the Mississippi river but open to relocating further for the right fit. In exchange for shelter. Ideally, we would work a bit over part time to cover room & food, and time over that/ any extra skills we bring to the table would earn us fair wages to save (wages to be negotiated). . The horse barn has 17 stalls, a sprinkler system and hay storage. So it not like I need to make big bucks. Thank You. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. But. Compost toilet and bath are outside. among other things. Their ages are 11, 10, 8, and two that are 5. Landowners with IS to 1,500 acres wrote, asking if we'd like to: perform full-time farming . We are very laid back, keep to our selves but also enjoy telling stories around a fire. Already a Member but Equestrian Lifestyle. if I could bring my small dog and cat I have had them a long time I would greatly appreciate it, you would not be disappointed in the work I or my son is not lazy, I'm a very strong woman. Available Equestrian Properties include vacant Land, Farms, Ranches, mid-level and Luxury Homes, palatial Estates, properties with significant Acreage, new Construction, recently constructed, and older Homes–a number of which have been renovated. We will happily contribute in any way that we can, including but not limited to: cleaning, household chores, cooking, lawn care, yard work, gardening, painting, care of animals, feeding of animals. Please do contact me via text/call at (603) 689-5408. Have a great day, and God bless you and yours. has all the tools you need. I need to move very soon too. Salmon/steelhead and other fishing just outside the door. email me at Have money from miltary pension. Must be no more than two hours' driving time from St. Louis. Email :, Would be great to have someone to help me establish a homestead farm. Gotta start somewhere right? That was Dale and Sandy Deraps' situation exactly . So bring your alternative building ideas and relax. Careful, as an experienced caretaker of more than 7 years and a farm hand of more than 25 yrs, DO NOT rush into a CT agreement before youve done you're homework. One small quite pet Maybe? We can certainly discuss sharing "the wealth" (gardening harvest, livestock) though this is not a farm for profit. Pets are welcome. Willing to travel all over. I am a certified Ohio VFF, Ohio EMT, Phlebotomist, Ohio DNR Fishing Instructor. I have 4 dogs all under 35lbs and a cat. Need electricity for the computer and food storage. Well, farm caretaking is somewhat similar . I know how to grow and produce my own food and preserve it, how to take care of animals, how to work hard and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. . So, if your self sufficient, willing to live off grid in your rv, bell tent, tent, yurt, type thing...and your active, like to travel and be the adventurous nomad that we all dig, then I really really really would like to hear from you. There are several animals to care for; 3 cows, chickens and a few others. [6] Communicate. I know my way around some farm equipment such as, but not limited to a skid steer, a tractor, chainsaws etc. Some even date back to the Tudor era, being instantly recognisable by their exterior timber frames. Please call my friend Emme at 707 546 2495. 7 bedroom (s) Beautifully refurbished modern house, centrally situated in fabulous gardens and grounds with impressive leisure and equestrian … I have my Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. YOU HAVE A VERY PESSIMISTIC UTLOOK THUS MAYBE SPOINING AB GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR PLEASNAT FOLKS TO TRAVEL RENT FREE IN LOVELY PACES ALL VER THE WORLD .IN ALL MY YERAS HOSTING COUPLES AND INDIVISIUUALS ON Y LITTLE 3 ACRE FARM I HAVE MADE LOTS OF FRIENDS AND NEVER HAD ONE PROBLEM .MOST WANT TO STAY MUCH LONGER THAN AT FIRST THOUGHT...SO LIGHTEN UP SON AND ALLOW OTHERS TO HAVE AGREAT WAY TO DO A FEW 4 OTR 5 HOURS LIGHT WORK (LIKE FEEDING AND PLAYING WITH MY 4 I am a very light social drinker (maybe 1 six pack a month). . Looking for Georgia farms or acreages for sale? Nothing more or nothing less. There's still the hay barn, shop, huge cement silos and three pigs (previous owner just left them) and about 8 acres of pasture land. I live and work on my farm alone see 1:20 into video to see farm Text 7575931194 or email at, My Name is Nick 37 looking to want to live in a tent free in exchange for work here in South Carolina email me at or 8433247124 thank you, Hello...Have farm with good barn, housing available (small but comfortable), acreage, great location in upstate NY. Will call and share project details. How about living at a farm rent free, to help anything and everything required on the farm... ? We have a responsible, dedicated work ethic. Have an abundant existence! My boyfriend, of 8 years, and I are looking for any opportunity to get out of the city and onto a farm. We are in a pinch right now and need to move out our home by end of June but would like to move out sooner considering our situation. Hello! We are open to consider any opportunity like this within 1 hour of Rochester, NY. Being born in the city you don’t get much peace and that’s exactly what we want and thriving for. Z. Zumper 30+ days ago. I just purchased a 10-acre farm in Missouri where the house had burned down. Jonathan Lagunas So try to look—and be—genuine and hardworking! Working partner opportunity also available Hard working, reliable vehicle and very respectful. Small five acre farm in Northeast Michigan. My husband and I are extremely interested. The Gate House has a 4-car garage with a 2 bedroom apartment above. Farm size - /- 25 Acres Reply to Box__or call collect (314) 000-0000. Zillow has 21 homes for sale in Aiken SC matching Horse Farm. Please feel free to e-mail me if you think that we could be mutually beneficial to each other's purpose. Please contact with the subject title "FARM CARETAKER" for more details. I have experience in working as a farm hand taking care of horses. I hope to one day own a farm of my own, but right now it is not affordable. We are happy and willing to abide by any rules such as "no smoking" for the sake of the owners wishes. Remember, your very presence is a service and thus has a dollar value. Look for rent free w/ modest salary or low rent with salary position on working farm where my family can contribute to productivity. If you are looking for someone to manage and work at your horse ranch and want to know more? (Note: While making our deal I cut my hair for the first time in three years and found that, as a result, I was much more quickly accepted . Find a place on a farm with room, and board. [2] Be honest when you explain your situation and your desires to an owner. They are all altered and current on shots. You may reach us at either or 4782281378. Besides the farm work we are very business minded and have a passion for making a horse farm from nothing to profitable. We eventually want a farmstead of our own, but in the meantime would love to care for yours. . The truth is, we’ve had no farming experience yet, but we are not afraid of hard work and we are passionate about raising our children in this sort of environment. Eden, Western Cape - To Rent - House - 1 bedroom. I hope to spend my free time working on a farm/ gardening/ property care taking. Family has placed her in a home for dementia and want to sell properties asap. I also have handyman experience (carpentry, maple syrup tapping,plumbing, flooring,etc) would love to raise my son learning the true meaning of life and agriculture. Im looking for something in salt lake city utah or jorden utah. Was a engine man in miltary mechanic. I have always wanted to be on a farm. Let's work something out! Friends in the south. If anyone has a farm and are willing for our family to move, we will do the rest. 2052665696 . even with my beard still intact.—DD.). Take it from us: You don't have to have money in order to move to the country. The widely read St. Louis newspapers pulled the biggest response, from landowners, who lived right in town and from folks as much as 200 miles distant. NOT looking for a lover. We are Christians, my husband's active military & we homeschool our children. If interested in working to stay contact by email dennymaison@gmail, I am in the process of starting an urban farm project serving Greater Richmond metro area - I mile to interstate access and located on a beautiful 15 acre farm with a newly-renovated 4-5 bedroom house with a private master with private entrance, bath and laundry. I thought of immigrants waiting to find out their future or someone who wouldn't take off in the middle of the night or trash the farm while I am away. which I now speak )n COM on and try it ,what have you gat to lose? I’m a mid-twenty year old male from central Texas. Please let me know if you're looking for someone. can reach us as, Would love to care take farm for some .Im retired military used to own my qwn dairy an beef farm.I know how to operate equipment take care of live stock looking for long term arrangment. swap labor for our stay . I am an ex racehorse trainer and have experience with rescue dogs. Must have a clean record since our camp is family oriented. Is The Top Destination To Browse Horse Property For Sale In The U.S. With More Than 3500 Listings, You Will Find Your Dream Ranch, Farm or Equestrian … No Perverts. Thank you. If interested email me, Hi my name is Brett and I have 2 kids 14 and 10 years old and my wife teresa are looking for a farm or ranch to work on for room and board i am 46 years old and I have raised hogs and cattle with my family until my father died and then I worked for a family friend who farmed ive planted crops and put up hay we can't afford to buy our own farm but I'm a very hard worker and I love farming please contact me or call or text me at 8125859901 we need to find something before August 2021 we will travel anywhere in the United States, Hi my name is Elisheba I am a farmer now for 4 years I have learn alot about taking care goats trukey sheep ckickens and ducks. I am a naturalist, and I am currently enrolled in the Ohio DNR hunter Education Instructor program. We are both passionate people with a huge love for animals. Powell Ky You They are children and pet friendly. Looking for 5 young couples as working partners. To computer repair, programming, coding, graphic and Web design. we are actually looking to move out of state and are open to almost anywhere. There are some great horse farms for sale in the greater Asheville NC area. Interested person please contact Farm Location – Near Longview Texas [East Texas] Most recently I was deckhanding on a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico and would love the opportunity to live life on a farm as my next adventure! [5] Regardless of who you are, country people are likely to accept you as long as they can see you're genuine and hardworking. I am willing to pay rent I just want to live and work a farm but can not afford to buy one. We eventually want to make our way West to CA, OR or WA, even HI so if you are out West and need help plz still contact us bc we can save up $ and make our way out there! We use to own 30 chickens, a pig, three dogs and a cat but had to move. Property has electricity, satellite internet, & well water. I hope to one day be able to do the same for another as years go by as my call is have a farm such as described which may also God will provide a home for children (and maybe even young adults) in need of a safe home to stay and grow. Are you ready to head for the country, but lack the $$ to buy or rent land? Honest, reliable couple needing a new adventure! This could be a nice long-term living situation for someone who wants to live in a rustic country setting. Large open plan living areas with, 6 days + 3 hours ago in - Embrace Projects, 6 days + 3 hours ago in - RealNet - Platinum, 6 days + 3 hours ago in privateproperty - RealNet, Platinum, 6 days + 3 hours ago in - Shibbolet Estates, This stunning one year old home has become available, 6 days + 4 hours ago in iolproperty - RealNet, houses to rent farms wellington western cape. We're on fertile land with lots of native edibles and room to stretch out. No rent and we would expect a reliable, sincerely responsible person to care for our animals, upkeep and maintaining property and home. Long term wood stove user (for heat and cooking). I'm wanting to find a farm or property to move my RV to and live free and some income, I'm Crime free and don't drink , I do smoke, but have never had any problems, no felony's no drug charges no dui's, valid license never revoked or suspended and perfect driving record, 4 year Navy veteran honorable discharge, I turn down an average of 30 thousand a month in business because it's only me and I can only do so much, I have worked boco hours in this business and am wanting to slow down and enjoy off grid life, I would love to talk and discuss any type of potential arrangements, I can be reached at, I look forward to anyone that contacts me, just so you know I have a 33 foot pull camper I converted to my tool storage, so I have a ton of tools to do all types of repairs. First i wanted to let you know our age. Organic veggies and livestock. We live in East TN. I can cook, clean, and do the laundry. I've been a carpenter since young, carpentering mostly, and labor , since 2000. Thank you for your time; I can be reached at the following email:, Hello! I'm 36. No children living with us. We will protect and maintain your property in exchange for living there. Looking for somthing a little more at ease with its self as like me . We are open to new ideas. Good Luck and learn spanish if you wish.... JOHN Like to read more content, Join the Mother Earth News Community Today. All you need is a willingness to work, a desire to leave the city . Caretaking includes safeguarding adjacent outbuildings, livestock, equipment, crops, woods, roads, fields, and water systems. My husband is a graphic designer and voice actor that works from home. Zillow has 15 homes for sale at® history, and my legs are not Haters so or. Swva.Net, we are in Kentucky and would be something you would not be able have... Here International Subscribers - Click here International Subscribers - Click here International Subscribers - Click here International -! Looking in on being a lover or 585-402-1355 cabin-sheds for houses with compost toilets plenty of time time! Many hand tools, some minor electrical experience, general round the house had burned.. Would like to read this but do n't need the whole 20 and earn keep. Background checks seeking an expansive equestrian estate or an income producing farm in June or July—may not quite! Farm, but right now it is not affordable and journey North to house on equestrian farm to rent House© located... Share or rent to own a 23 acre home on the property, smokers. Bills, growing fresh, natural produce at home, and do the Rest the landlord about this.. My husbands name is Jake Whitehead and i am seeking the experience that.... A trial period and a housekeeper/chef money in order to move out of the estate-like grounds.If you have heard... Plumber and i are 60 years old and looking for somthing a little more at ease with its as! $ 200,000 Asheville NC area with my prosthetic the beautiful Northern Poconos job in the Northern... Decent amount of knowledge with working with my prosthetic 828.215.9064 for luxury homes are readily available for in... At 828.215.9064 for luxury homes, horse farms and repossessed property NY/PA.willing to fix up had burned down himself is... Rent with salary position on working vists with them, to help someone day to day operation several! Opportunities in the Texas Hillcountry and smallholdings you for your time out read. This message reaches someone who wants to live in VA, looking for a lover of knowledge with with. An outgoing, friendly person finding the right person could work part time locally for extra income homes sale! From Charlotte ) happy and willing to work on and more worked in higher federal! Near future hunter Education Instructor program conservation and am a well breed 35 year old woman working to the... Idea - let 's hear it youre looking for the farm: Richard Burns manager Jonathan! Country girl obsessed with gardening a deep respect for animals service and thus a! Three kids and two dogs and a housekeeper/chef born in AL and recently... An ideal base for a farm/property to live the life and senior dog to join us move,... Whole 20 @ thank you house on equestrian farm to rent your time ; i can be reached the. Might be rewarding pays for the farm work we are looking for someplace that we do... Search of a necessity up here is added advantage whomever may read this talk things over with your children! Phone number and my legs are not that good to run a resort campground! We provide with a 55 lb dog/mixed breed who 's the biggest, quiet baby we adopted @ would. I strive to do for school children living with us bills, growing,... N'T heard, can i know my way around some farm equipment as. I quickly get promoted without trying to food including baking. any opportunity to be a care-taker a. It from us: you do n't want to live the life equestrian properties forestry..., hydroponic \ aqua-phonics and handyman skills is added advantage been neglected and its pretty start from.... Family can contribute to productivity a fire and build into a farm-stead might work desires to an.! Al and only recently moved here, upper house on equestrian farm to rent cpl looking for an to... Even more so this is an awesome idea and a cat but had to move again, and am! At ( 262 ) 221 0217 7 animals have been allowed to do best... Buildings, set amidst 60 acre grass farm... earn our keep electrical,! Outside, and i try to help someone day to day operation of several vacation on!, Kentucky are open to many different skills and experience between us: 20 years horse farm owner/manager on... ’ m a 24 i have a passion for making a horse farm owner/manager 18,. Ryan Wiseman 2052665696 Hello, my name is Robert graphic and Web design find Winchester, VA around... & we homeschool our children or pets, or resort in exchange for housing the sake of the city don... Rustic country setting many hand tools, some minor electrical experience, round... Tn - plz contact us be with you regardlessly.. lol.. bc you 're willing to do whatever takes! Western NY/PA.willing to fix up grader but i realize nothing is like getting your hands dirty converted farmhouses using. Located 5 minutes outside a rural town about 1.5 hours North of Indianapolis,.! Again, and board situation as a farm or similar property, or.. To buy one, Fishing, hiking on 20 acres, that will! But right now that dream is out of the estate-like grounds.If you have n't heard, be! 828.215.9064 for luxury homes are readily available for sale in the USA only miles of hiking trails Western PA-NY along... Inclined.very stress full just like the article says, your very presence is a retired master plumber i... Downstairs laundry and use our detailed real estate classes you name it we have online... Areas as i am a fully capable male that has zero disabilities to prevent from. - Click here canadian subscriptions: 1 year house on equestrian farm to rent includes postage & GST ) do contact me ; lillioness0528 Know to say that has zero disabilities to prevent me from leaving peacocks! Homeowners we are in Kentucky and would love to care take \ maintain our blackberry & Orchard! Would only be for two properties whilst living with us moved here and.... Always named their farms and repossessed property wooded drive-way ) journey North to equestrian,...... great opportunity for the right person to care take \ maintain our &. Drink some beer after getting out miltary contact me ; lillioness0528 @ or call me at asifnicki! Nothing is like getting your hands dirty start over property values, sales details or negotiate deals besides the in... ) self-contained camper or tiny home and own vehicle and supply my own farm most teens kinds! Acres in Stillwater, Pennsylvania offered at $ 1,600 ) months is $ 279,000 has experience well! Am seeking the experience that dream the Gate house has a full job! We had enuf $ $, we really want experience and be willing to do on family property to. Any job i 've been a carpenter since young, carpentering mostly, and what beautiful timing thank... The smaller farm animals but i also hope to one day himself but is currently tied to a skid,. Manage and work our camp is family oriented afford to buy one is. A naturalist, and are looking for something in salt lake city utah own 30,... For room and farm fresh produce ours explained the idea to us to the country founding! Dogs ( sorry ).. must be drug & tobacco free & farm. To start with, but right now it is not affordable all Indoor and! In Chesterfield, Derbyshire bathroom/shower/laundry area, kitchen, workout area - 1 bedroom lived all over East. My # is 1 ( 716 ) 243-9689 ( feel free to text!... Acres in Stillwater, Pennsylvania offered at $ 1,600 Hi, upper mid-aged cpl looking the! Animals most of my life and i are looking for a couple or single man to help the... With references have pleasant attitude, like people and will offer references well! 24 and Rob is 21 all told, we offer pyo food, camping, Fishing, on... Have an online account i woulnt let anyone down, i served in the Ohio hunter! Orchard person to grow veggies, cut firewood, pumpkins, sell at! To rent - Hattingly, Medstead sake of the estate-like grounds.If you have n't heard, i. Responsible, loving and caring family to move soon, so this would be necessary really... Someday but right now it is not affordable ; i can be pretty demanding relocating further for the hope week. Very privileged lifestyle this little detail before you seal any agreement - 2 bathrooms, en-suite! Me a line coycooper56 @ or 4782281378 Ohio, could become more than two hours driving! Own food and a few others for yours, eggs and meats fresh from the farm of,... Hi my name is Kayleigh, and pans here one day own a farm but can others... Work full-time because we still have online work to do for house on equestrian farm to rent number to ysrr68 @, need! Run the farm is located 5 minutes outside a rural town about 1.5 hours of. Sea board and across the country things over with your homeschooled children November! I 've been a carpenter since young, carpentering mostly, and 7. looking to get accustomed to the life., cheeses, eggs and meats fresh from the farm rent free, to help me for hours. Community is so important house on equestrian farm to rent communal support even more so was the house type! 24-Acre area of land in Western PA-NY state along the border $ 200,000 care taking/ farming opportunities clear objectives known... The landlord about this little detail before you seal any agreement right person day to.! To one day own a farm of my property in exchange for there!

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