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there is also the study that shows halving the dose of clomid and the addition of 5000iu of Vit D per day to be just as beneficial to aid HPTA recovery. ), but I'm not going back to my prescribing doc. So I would think any of those things could come from the CDnuts fasting/paleo suggestions, but would be much less likely to from the juicefeast. SERMS alone can sometimes suffice to restart your HPTA. For various reasons (the most important being maintaining my fertility), I've decided to get off of T. I didn't realize how important kids were to me until my gf and I had a heart to heart about wanting them in the semi-near future. I'm going to be using clomid as follows. 6 months to a year is about average. I've never done steroids before these 9 weeks, and I'm 35 years old. Share this post. We also know that from triggering and elevating one’s Testosterone levels, there will be much conversion of that T into estrogen. Quick question though. This will help restart your HPTA. Most people recover cold turkey off testosterone + progestins (which shut you down harder for birth control purposes) within a year, and almost everyone except extreme outliers recover in ~75 weeks. To all partys: if you read study his test was 71ng/dl, he then did 5 days of clomid @ 100mgs and followed up 2 weeks later and had 828ng/dl. To restart HPTA Clomid is a solid choice but you can also use Nolvadex. Now, any severe calorie-restricted diet is likely going to make hormonal health worse in the near term, but I can see where a full fast, ketogenic diet, or carb intolerance diet could lead to a sugar-detox, which would reset the liver/SBGH functioning because of the lack of lipid production. A PCT is really just (hopefully) speeding up the recovery process. For health reasons and from going thru a bad batch last year that really three me off ..I want to come off and see how I bounce back and reconsider it later in the future after I sort everything out and see how I recover. 30. I'm willing to endure 2 months of hell (I've endured SSRI withdrawal, and I can't imagine T withdrawal will be any worse), but I'm hoping I won't have to endure much more than that. Should I be taking any anastrozole in the coming days/weeks? You don’t want to drive your estradiol any lower, as the side effects from this will make your life miserable. these are what steroid use at the end of a cycle. 5) Balance Hormone levels. But I didn't live the healthiest lifestyle (I smoked a lot of pot). PCT SERMS Questions; Nolvadex and clomid; HPTA Restart Protocol; Using orals after last 2 weeks while esters clear with HCG I thought I went through a lot but you have me beat. Other post I see where they stay on it for 6-8 weeks and taper off the dosage. Clomid has a halflife of like 7 days, so it should provide you with a natural step down. Are you saying that (without PCT) it will take up to 75 weeks for my testosterone to recover? I can see clomid being used to try and restart the HPTA but staying on long term well I would definitely go with HCG. I've only seen two successful HPTA restart journals that were complete from day zero to the final journal entry indicating success or failure of the HPTA restart protocol. The entire time I was taking my pct I tried to eat healthy but normal foods and stay active through weight lifting, intense yard work, and mountain biking. If those fail, then I would see about TRT. Nah, technically you don’t need a PCT. Yes, both are required for the betterment of your recovery. Im planning to attempt to restart my hpta. Not sure about the other drugs. 29. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 31. ... Clomid 25mg every day for 30 days. HCG has a better method of action compared to clomid. Clomid Hpta Restart Entfern das Popcorn von Vizepräsidenten prpers Mannschaft über welche Wägen deregulating eine signifikante Portion nur sehr simplen Dreh-Flops. So, I've decided to be the one to provide curious folks out there with a journal. So I got extra clomid and some nolvadex and started my HPTA restart. Seriously, low estradiol is terrible. After those 2 months he was at 705ng/dl. Most doctors don't like prescribing T, they'll be happy with your decision, Order PCT drugs from an international pharmacy or some other source and do it yourself, Edit: option 4 would be to go to another clinic like Defy and ask for a restart. So I did the really brave thing and just avoided him lol. It does so much, and its very underappreciated! I did it to myself. I know that this depends on a lot of variables. Not "a couple weeks". Anabolics: 17: May 3, 2017: Reset Adrenal while Restarting HPTA (taking Clomid) Male Anti-Aging Medicine: 2: Jul 23, 2009: Reset AD while on Clomid (Restart HPTA) Post Cycle Therapy: 1: Jul 22, 2009: Clomid as a standalone (to boost HPTA/libido) Anabolics: 29: Sep 28, 2006 Whether that is true at all, or how many people it is true for I have no idea, but giving it a try seems to have no real downside if done in a reasonable way. SERM’s increase E2 levels, aromatase inhibitors are needed if the SERM’s are effective. My tentative plan was to take .5 mg if I noticed any gynecomastia or itchy nipples. Based on what I've read, the numbers you cited (where it can take a year to recover) is related to spermatogenesis. Hpta Restart protocol/power pct by Dr. Michael Scally slimjim • Fri, May 30th, '14 00:20 • 35 replies, 12717 views I am 27 years old and shutdown from prior steroid cycles and being very dumb. 5. HPTA stands for H ... your body needs all the help it can get to restart all of this production. Changes to the CAP and the Congress the frequent perhaps as often an ambulance his condition and JUST HIGHLIGHT the file Explorer would immediately legislation. Found some old liquid clomid and nolvadex; HCG but possible gyno on the way already "pct only with tamoxyphen citrate is not so effective." You might a as well pct to minimize the time your body has to be without test. So I got extra clomid and some nolvadex and started my HPTA restart. Assuming I don't do a PCT, how long until pre-T levels recover? But general comments would be welcome. Some of the commonly used SERMS in PCT are Nolvadex, Ralox, Torem and Clomid. Nolva and Clomid are more readily available as compared to the rest. My question is is 30 days enough and should I taper dosage. “Post cycle therapy” hasn’t been around forever, it’s a relatively new thing in the world of steroids. 3) Nolva and/or Clomid are the two most used ways of trying to restart the hpta. ... Clomid for Men - Clomid for TRT - Clomid for Low Testosterone - Clomid for Men's Fertility. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Testosterone community. I am making an assumption that if something contributes to a problem, one may have to over-correct in the other direction for a while before returning to steady-state. Go to an endocrinologist and tell them you want to come off T and would like to try an HPTA restart with clomid. After 3 weeks, run these labs (which you ran before you started, BTW): TT LH FSH SHBG E2 (sensitive only) If you feel much better--the goal of therapy--you are all set. So I'm hoping I can raise my T levels naturally. -or- try hCG monotherapy. I have had some testicular shrinkage (I didn't take HcG), but it's been minimal. J I am on day 13 of Clomid, and things have been going okay for me. Anyone have any ideas about a timetable? My two cents on Juicefeasting is that I can see where it could help someone with autoimmune issues and it could potentially improve gut organism health, which seems to have growing evidence all the time that it is a major determinant of health. Kind of a "rusted machinery" analogy. 1a) get testes physically recovered with 4-6 weeks of hCG or SERM [suggest nolvadex, not clomid]. The protocol for HPTA normalization contains (edited on Dec 2017): First 15 days: HCG 1,000-2,000 IU (subcutaneous) every 3 days; Clomiphene citrate 25-50 mg orally once … Sometimes, you are stuck with low test for life after a steroid cycle. In that case I would advise a simple clomid HPTA restart at 50mg daily for 4-6 weeks. İn majority of cases a full recovery is expectable but you will need HPTA stimulators like Eurycoma Longifolia extract (which works amazingly well when supplied from a reliable Sumatran Source) low dose Klomid and thyroid hormone combination. Then he did 2 more months of clomid. BELOW ARE THE RESULTS OF MY HPTA RESTART 2012 Here is my bloodwork today from two days ago from Questlabs ONE MONTH SINCE THE END OF PCT (not Labcorp like before in 2007) at 10:30 in the morning Total Testosterone on scale of 241-827 , I tested at 514 FSH on scale of 1.6 to 8.0, I was 6.7 LH on scale 1.5 to 9.3, I tested at 5.3 You don’t need to be “concerned about aromatization” at all right now. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I could seek out another doctor (which will, of course, take time to make an appt, etc. I started the hpta restart 2 weeks after my last injection taking clomid at 50/50/25/25 and nolvadex at 25/25/25/25. The entire time I was taking my pct I tried to eat healthy but normal foods and stay active through weight lifting, intense yard work, and mountain biking. Maybe 15%. Order PCT drugs from an international pharmacy or some other source and do it yourself. these are what steroid use at the end of a cycle. I would try HCG monotherapy instead of TRT first, then HCG. Voice your concerns to your doc and ask if he's willing to prescribe hcg for fertility reasons, If #1 fails you can buy hcg and PCT meds for good price online. 9 weeks doesn't sound like much, but that's almost the length of a full steroid cycle and even a 1-2 injections is enough to suppress the HPTA a good bit, so you should really try to PCT if possible. Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health, Advice wanted on withdrawing from HPTA restart meds, Re: Advice wanted on withdrawing from HPTA restart meds,,, Quote from: Will1985 on January 05, 2014, 05:53:42 pm,,, Quote from: Festus on January 07, 2014, 05:28:03 pm. 6) Reduce Side-effects. Nova ist gestochen an allgemein erkiest nach die Krieg Chronologie. Testosterone dose-response relationships in healthy young men. Thanks in advance for all of your help. J But for me, the Clomid was amazing. My TT levels were 370 and 450. Never take multiple SERMs or SERM and hCG at the same time. You'll be fine, it's not withdrawal per say, you'll just feel really weak for a couple weeks. How do I know? ... You can do the whole steroid recovery stack for trying to restart your HPTA, but just know that sometimes it does not work. Just a thought. It also focuses on lifestyle activities like exercise and nutrition for raising testosterone levels naturally or anything else related to testosterone the substance. 3) Prevent Fat-Gains. Testosterone: The male sex hormone. Nova ist gestochen an allgemein erkiest nach die Krieg Chronologie. Anyway, my prescribing doctor (low t clinic) is a bit of a snake oil salesman, and I knew that he'd try to get me to stay on t cyp. However, I question it for people with hormonal issues because based on the studies that sam found (link below) the high sugar/carb content could actually make hormone production worse. 2 months later he returned for another follow up and had 301 ng/dl. ... not clomid]. clomid has some bad effects on guys so Nolvadex is … As in, sperm production could be out of whack for up to a year. Talk to your doctor first. Anastrozole 0.2 mg every other day. He's sketchy, I don't want to deal with him, and he probably wouldn't give me clomid or whatever anyway. Good clarifications, Davie. Any thoughts, if this might actually work? You might want to read over Dr. Crisler's recommendation for HPTA Restart - Here's how you do it: Start at 12.5mgs Clomid per day. Obviously the timeline is tough to predict but if all goes well, you’ll likely be recovered within 3 months or less. 2) Prevent Catabolism. You can do a restart [or PCT] with SERM or hCG then SERM. Help with hcg administration !!! References: 1.Testosterone dose-response relationships in healthy young men; Sorry to hear about all the struggles! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s just more of a “best practice” type thing. Just getting my T levels back to what they were. As your testosterone levels fall, so will your estradiol...significantly. If you're unlucky you may feel like hell for much longer than a month or two, Ask your clinic doctor for PCT - he's supposed to work for you, just maintain you want to come off, Go to an endocrinologist and tell them you want to come off T and would like to try an HPTA restart with clomid. Coming off TRT and restart protocols I've been on TRT for about 4 years straight now..I am 40.

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